Stella McCartney Winter Campaign 2017

Stella McCartney's Winter 2017 campaign brings awareness of the growing issue of waste and over consumption. It is photographed by Harley Weir in the Eastern Coast of Scotland. The man-made landscapes is formed from all the waste that has been piled into these areas that causes us to question the significant affect we are placing … Continue reading Stella McCartney Winter Campaign 2017

Layers Of Coats And Chilly Autumn Days

The sky was perfect blue and the sun was shining beautifully, but as you step outside the fresh cold touches your face and you breathe in the icy air. It almost felt like I was breathing in little snowflakes on a Winter's day during Autumn. The leaves are only just starting change colours and gradually … Continue reading Layers Of Coats And Chilly Autumn Days

Ruby Autumn/Winter Collection 2017

I was walking on High Street during the weekend, and couldn't help walking into Ruby. I've featured my favourite pieces from the A/W Collection 2017. Ruby is a New Zealand fashion label that is best known for its designs that effortlessly embody youthful elegance and adventurous charm. From streetwear origins, RUBY has enchanted its audience under the … Continue reading Ruby Autumn/Winter Collection 2017

12 Things To Do When You Have A Cold At Home

Two nights ago I was sitting in the cinema watching The BFG. It was about 5 minutes before the film finished, when I had the most tickley throat ever. I'm not sure how to describe just how itchy it was. The cough came in, and the more I tried to hold it in, the more … Continue reading 12 Things To Do When You Have A Cold At Home

Winter Means Over Sized Clothes

There are so many naked trees outside my window, with a few leaves clinging on before they fall. I've been wearing my socks and surprisingly haven't worn any holes into them yet. Although, if you ever wear stockings and find a hole that your toenail has formed, you can fix it by sewing it ten … Continue reading Winter Means Over Sized Clothes

Movies To Watch On A Rainy Night

As I write this, I realise that all of these films are animated. However, if you're like me on a rainy day, most of the time I want to watch a good animated film. It makes me feel imaginative and brings out the inner child within me. Especially if you've been staying indoors from the Sydney … Continue reading Movies To Watch On A Rainy Night

What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

It's the last month of Autumn, and the brown leaves are only just beginning to fall off the branches. There's something about staring out of the windows that is almost like staring into another world. People walking on the streets and wondering mysteriously where they may be going and what they may be doing. A person … Continue reading What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?