The Style Culture Of Auckland And Wellington

In writing this, I hope it can encourage all of us to embrace our personal style. Some of these thoughts are from observations and others are from readings and how I see the two cities in terms of the style culture in what we wear.  If you're an Aucklander or Wellingtonian, please let me know … Continue reading The Style Culture Of Auckland And Wellington

Tammy Kuo | Media Design

Photo by Liam Neal Tammy Kuo is a Media Designer situated in Wellington, studying at Victoria University. She moved to New Zealand at a young age where two years later her little sister (me) was born in the land of the long white clouds. Tammy is someone I feel that has a remarkable and creative … Continue reading Tammy Kuo | Media Design

Daily Thoughts #3

I arrived back to Auckland from Wellington two nights ago. The weather was beautiful there and everyday there was blue skies and sunshine. I caught a cold before I came back to Auckland and now there is that feeling where you know you need to lie in your bed all day and drink lots of … Continue reading Daily Thoughts #3