What Does Fashion Mean To You?

Back in 2015, I studied at a fashion college in Sydney, after realising how much time I spent during university reading about fashion and immersing myself into it. I love the way you could express yourself through the clothing you wore, without having to say a word. I love the creativity behind fashion in creating … Continue reading What Does Fashion Mean To You?

Personal Style Is More Important Than Trends

There was a time when nearly everyone wore high waisted denim shorts, jeggings were in and many girls owned a pair of ankle boots. The interesting thing with trends is that at some point, they are bound to make a come back. I've always been curious at how trends are created and how popular clothing … Continue reading Personal Style Is More Important Than Trends

Fashion In The 60’s

The beginning of Spring begins. I was walking in the park early Sunday Morning and couldn't help noticing how close the moon looked in the sky. Bearing in mind this was around 5 in the morning. There is something about 60's fashion that just brings to mind all the different fashion icons of the decade and … Continue reading Fashion In The 60’s