Pros And Cons Of Wearing Traditional Braces

e995384748f30cd18edd6d901e073595.jpgA smile is a beautiful thing, no matter what your teeth look like. However, I personally felt conscious of the way my teeth looked, and as someone who loves to smile, it affected me for the longest time from hesitating to laugh with my mouth wide open or talking to others with my teeth showing too much. It’s been 14 months since my braces were put on. Read here for tips on saving money for braces. I’d considered Invisalign a few years ago, however, they are more suitable and effective for mild cases, whereas traditional braces are able to fix even the most tricky situations.


Straight teeth. This is definitely the best thing about braces because ultimately the end goal is straight teeth.

Confidence booster. It’s a confidence booster because they’re getting straighter each day, and most people don’t even notice or care if you have braces.

Age is no limit.  Most people get braces at a young age, however, orthodontists have many patients that are in their late teens or are adults.

Looking younger. Braces can make you seem more youthful, as they are more commonly worn during high school.

Satisfaction of gaps closing. I had 4 teeth extracted, and there’s something so satisfying about seeing them gradually close up as the months go by.

Least expensive of braces types. Metal braces tend to be more affordable than more subtle braces. Plus you can choose colours.

They move your teeth efficiently. Metal braces are made from stainless steel and rubber bands are used to attach the wire.



Staining and limited brushing. Pre-braces my teeth were fairly white, however, I noticed in the past year, especially in photos that they’ve become slightly yellow.

Costly. This is more of a pro in the sense that you’re making an investment. Braces are costly and can cost thousands of dollars.

Cleaning is time-consuming. I find this is a pro because it’s encouraged me to spend more time on oral hygiene, although it can take longer to clean your teeth with braces.

Elastics falling out. There have been moments where I’ve laughed too hard, and the rubber bands I wear, have snapped! Most of the time, it’s during eating that the elastics will fall out.

Pain. This only happens briefly after getting your braces tightened every 4-6 weeks. The pain is tolerable, and simply a tight feeling, as your teeth are shifting and moving into position.

Food stuck. There’s nothing more attractive than getting lettuce stuck in your braces! It seems after eating a salad, you can’t quite get rid of it all unless you brush your teeth.