The Skinny Frame In The Fashion Industry

Thin is always trending in the fashion industry. The dark side of the fashion industry includes the desire for a skinny frame. Growing up, I was called skinny, twig, thin and lean. The problem was that it was either said to me as a compliment or as a bad thing, and I was told to … Continue reading The Skinny Frame In The Fashion Industry

The Word ‘Skinny’ Shouldn’t Be A Compliment

Most people who told me the words "My goodness, you are so skinny", meant it as a compliment. There are only a few times where someone would say it with the words "Why are you so skinny?", and that's when it makes me realise how a simple compliment has many connotations behind it. Slim, thin … Continue reading The Word ‘Skinny’ Shouldn’t Be A Compliment

The Skinny Talk In Fashion

It's seen in the news repetitively, that a model speaks out about body image. Whether that is being told by a Modelling agency that she needs to lose one inch in order to be their ideal image, or telling her that she is not suitable because of her body shape. A recent article that sparked … Continue reading The Skinny Talk In Fashion

the skinny theory

I've been having an itch to write this for a while, because this topic has been on my mind for quite some time. In this day and age, especially in the digital world, it seems almost as if we are never skinny enough or we need to watch our weight. Yet, promoting a healthy lifestyle … Continue reading the skinny theory