The Driving Standards In Taiwan Need To Improve

In any city, driving safely and responsibly should always, always be an obvious requirement. I wanted to focus this article specifically on Taipei, because recently a very close person near and dear to my heart was nearly killed by a driver in Taipei after being hit. It is a huge, often overlooked and ignored aspect of … Continue reading The Driving Standards In Taiwan Need To Improve

Being Asked If I Feel More Taiwanese Or Kiwi

If you're an Asian who was born and raised in a Western country, the question on whether you feel more this or that can be a difficult one. As someone who grew up in New Zealand, it's my natural response to say that I'm from New Zealand. I've never lived in Taiwan long term and … Continue reading Being Asked If I Feel More Taiwanese Or Kiwi

MEIER.Q Summer/Spring Collection 2017

MEIER.Q  is about ever going growth and change, and always looking at things differently. They are concerned about the element of detail and surprise they can bring to each person who wears their clothing. Pursuing beauty through simple design, comfort and trend. To create a simple lifestyle is their philosophy. "關於成長與蛻變, 看待事物的面貌也調整了一些比起從前, 更在乎接觸時的感動與細節 追求美感的執著依舊, 找尋簡單中隱藏的設計巧思, 舒適中堅持的時尚品味, 這些, 變得更耐人尋味. 延長衣著的賞味期成為思考的核心, 打造簡單永恆感, … Continue reading MEIER.Q Summer/Spring Collection 2017

Taiwanese Label Pazzo ‘Disney Villains’ Collection

"充滿夢想的我們推出了自有品牌PAZZO. 決定從最近的地方出發,創造台灣在地的好感國民衣著. PAZZO 將回歸衣著最簡單純粹的質地,講求最基本的質感,由挑選好布料開始! 希望與大家共享對衣著的用心堅持與自在有感生活. " From Taiwan to the world " 是PAZZO 誕生的最初精神! 想把幸福感的新生活哲學傳遞給全世界知道." View the amazing collection here. This is one of their older collections, but I just adore it. I don't know about you, but when I was younger, the Disney villain that frightened me the most was the Wicked queen in Snow White and … Continue reading Taiwanese Label Pazzo ‘Disney Villains’ Collection

Taiwanese Beauty And Fashion Youtubers

For those who are curious or would like to discover some Taiwanese beauty and fashion youtubers, I've researched and compiled a list of several bloggers from Taiwan. Many of them share their views on beauty and skincare products, review the latest products, give snippets of their daily lives, shoot fashion look books, travel videos, styling, … Continue reading Taiwanese Beauty And Fashion Youtubers

Taipei Minimal Cafe 極簡咖啡 & Taiwan Diary

My first time going to a cat cafe meant a lot of cat patting, staring at cats, drinking tea, taking pictures and talking. We arrived there at 2:00pm and stayed until 5:00pm. During that time, most of the cats were fast asleep and minding their own business. There is free wifi at the cat cafe, … Continue reading Taipei Minimal Cafe 極簡咖啡 & Taiwan Diary

50 Things You’ll Experience Or Notice In Taipei

I was born and raised in New Zealand, however if you were to ask me my family background, I would say Taiwan. Since I was very little, I visited Taiwan each year and have just been in Taipei for over a week now. I notice the same things or some new things each time. Whether … Continue reading 50 Things You’ll Experience Or Notice In Taipei