Pros And Cons Of Living In Sydney

My last beach day was during a beautiful blue Summer's day at Coogee Beach. Sydney has been great for the past two years, and it will definitely be very sad when it's time to say goodbye. Sydney is the only city that I've lived in in Australia, but I would love to visit Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide some … Continue reading Pros And Cons Of Living In Sydney

The Similarities & Differences Between Sydney & Auckland

At first I wanted to write about the similarities and differences between New Zealand and Australia. However, I have only traveled to one city in Australia. A little background is that I was born and raised in New Zealand and I moved to Australia at 18. Being in Australia for just over a year and a half, … Continue reading The Similarities & Differences Between Sydney & Auckland

Adventures In Sydney: May 2016

It wouldn't come as a surprise to say that Sydney is one of my favourite cities in the world. Although, I say this from a person that hasn't traveled many places (four places - including New Zealand), I truly love this city. The best things in life are often the most simple. They are the … Continue reading Adventures In Sydney: May 2016

Daily Thoughts: All The Succulent Things In Life

It's been over 1 year living in Sydney, and I don't know how to express my gratitude and how truly blessed I feel. 2015 was really a year of change and miracles, and even though it was challenging at the best of times, I learned a lot. Every year, we make new goals to achieve, … Continue reading Daily Thoughts: All The Succulent Things In Life

seven things to love about living in sydney

Amy Hamilton 1.Creativity From the different suburbs in Sydney to central city, there is so much creativity in this city, discovered, shown, hidden and waiting to be found. Art, fashion, film, design.. Art galleries to get lost in, Shows to watch, places to roam, things to see and areas to walk to. 2. People … Continue reading seven things to love about living in sydney

sappho books cafe & wine bar

I have walked by this cafe for eight months, where there is always second hand books and jazz playing outside. Then on a cold winter afternoon, I decided, oh why not take a wonder. The banana and nutella pancakes were oh so good with a generous amount of nutella, while I sipped on a mocha. Note:I'm … Continue reading sappho books cafe & wine bar

new zealander living in australia

It was mid 2014 when I was sitting in the music room, where I studied in Auckland. Three months later I was packing my bags and traveling to Taiwan for a month, then soaring off to Australia. There are some noticeable differences living in Sydney and some similarities too. I have been here for eight … Continue reading new zealander living in australia

White Rabbit Gallery

After walking past the White Rabbit Gallery on numerous occasions, I finally gathered my footsteps towards the entrance. The Gallery opened in 2009 to present some of the most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art made in the 21st Century. The Gallery is owned by Judith Neilson, who was inspired by the culture and art and was … Continue reading White Rabbit Gallery

Instagram Diary

How can you ever imagine Sydney being stormy, with its beautiful blue sunshine weather. Oh, but you can. Especially when you wear your trench coat for the first time in Australia and simply cannot stop craving hot chocolate. Unfortunately, due to my snacking needs, I have succumbed to cereal eating once again. When you love … Continue reading Instagram Diary

Exploration of Australian Fashion Bloggers

On a Thursday night at my desk, eating blueberry cereal with grapes and vanilla flavoured yoghurt. Breakfast for dinner is not usually healthy, however it's one of those nights. I thought it would be nice to write about three bloggers I have happily discovered earlier this year. If you are attracted to beautifully vivid colours … Continue reading Exploration of Australian Fashion Bloggers

Autumn Days

The last few days I have been as light as a feather almost literally, but not quite. I mean it in the most sensible way, that the wind has almost swept me off my feet, gracefully lifted my dress off my legs and attractively blown my hair into my mouth on several occasions.  It's been … Continue reading Autumn Days

Daily Thoughts #10

Photo: The Last Day of Summer When I came to Sydney, I discovered that there is a huge ancient tree in the bustling city I walk past everyday, that is home to a number of bats. They look so magical against the changing dark blue skies. It's such a wonderful sight to see. I … Continue reading Daily Thoughts #10

Living in Sydney

deer from pretty little studio When I moved to Sydney I felt so blessed being able to wake up to the sunshine and fall asleep to the beautiful skies. First thing you have to know before moving to Sydney, is that it's one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. I remember … Continue reading Living in Sydney

A Special Skirt

When I was in Taiwan I loved to look inside my mother's wardrobe. As soon as I laid my eyes on this skirt I fell in love with it. My mother said it was a gift. In Chinese culture, when you are getting married, it is a tradition to buy new clothes. This floral skirt … Continue reading A Special Skirt

Finding Neverland

Every morning as I take my walk to Victoria Park I stare around at the sky, and then the old clock attached to the brick building. Finally I gaze at the ground and walk past the words in clear font in light blue chalk "Neverland". When I step over the words I like to think … Continue reading Finding Neverland