sweet embrace

eat me drink me hear me The feeling when you sit at the international arrivals at the airport is such a sweet feeling. I always loved watching people embrace each other, with every person having a story to tell. We forget how much we love to hug our friends and family, until we remember our … Continue reading sweet embrace


There is something about this that sparks my mind. It shows how as human beings ,we tend to think of ourselves much less than we really are. We praise others, but forget to praise ourselves. We admire others characteristics, but forget to admire our own. We see someone beautiful and forget the beauty we have. … Continue reading remember

Thank You 100 Followers!

(while you read this with the music, imagine you're sitting in a cosy jazz cafe in Paris, with the smell of coffee in the air and a hot latte in your hand. That's how I'm feeling) Thank you reader! I can already feel the sweet tooth warmth forming in my stomach as if I've just … Continue reading Thank You 100 Followers!

What a Wonderful World

What a beautiful day it is. Auckland is so majestic on a Summer's day (or should I say Springs day) when the sky is blue and scattered with white clouds and the sun is shining bright. The flower's are so beautiful in the University, today I opened the door to find a lovely surprise from my lovely … Continue reading What a Wonderful World