How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

5250293e2587e6ee302c64c5838250c1.jpgIt’s been such a lovely week, even through all the windy days and umbrellas going inside out. It’s the kind where you walk around feeling your mind smiling because even though it’s cold there’s a certain positive feeling inside of you that you can’t quite explain. Even when they’re days where I felt a bit down, they were simple reminders of what I’m grateful for. Over the years, I have more appreciation for the saying, less is more. This means purchasing items you really know you’ll wear again and again over the years, rather than a sporadic purchase. It also means letting your style speak for itself.1202153Personal style reflects how we may feel, how we choose to express ourselves and sometimes it might evolve or change over the years. I recently talked to a dear friend about personal style. The most important thing is wearing things we feel drawn to, inspired by and comfortable in. They’re simply pieces of clothing that we feel we’re ourselves in, and they express our personality at a glance. What we wear should stay true to ourselves and who we believe we are. The personal styles I like are Rooney Mara, Cate Blancett, Alexa Chung, Alicia Vikander and Victoria Beckham to name a few. 1483821262.jpgPersonal style is more important than trends. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing things that are trending if you genuinely like it, but if you only purchase things because they are trending, then it’s trickier to develop your own style. That is the great thing about thrifting because you can find some treasures that may no longer be sold in most stores. I remember going through a stage of peter pan collars, florals, lace stockings and red nail polish. Over the years, I feel most myself in black, grey, nude, navy and white. Although, sometimes it’s nice to add a splash of colour!harper-and-harley_ruffle-white-top-sleeves_cropped-pants_style_outfit_2-mmvys00q4fh1oc8l1m398z29csosf2msw8rm6oy78o.jpgMinimalism is a lifestyle that encourages living with less, and more of things that we value. My first introduction to minimalism started when I discovered Harper & Harley three years ago. Sara embodies the nature of minimalism and wearing a black, white, nude and navy palette with elegance, simplicity and feminity. Before I discovered her or heard about the concept of minimalism, I used to buy an excess of clothing that I only ended up wearing a few times. Personal style can express the lifestyle we inhabit and how we want to express ourselves.

How would you describe your personal style?

Daydreaming About Denim Under The Blue Sky

af03f5eeab9a861be59c566cd12efebdDenim might make you think of Summer days by the beach or skinny jeans with a white tee. It makes me reminisce to the country days, where I’d always have at least one pair of jeans to wear with my gumboots. The wonderful thing about denim is how versatile it is, that it can be worn through all four seasons. You can layer them on with other clothing or keep it minimal. My first denim clothing was a jacket that was far too big for me when I was 8 years old. However, it was one of those clothing that you’d love wearing nearly everyday.

As someone who can’t quite keep a long term relationship with jeans, there’s something about dungarees and a denim overall dress that I like. It makes me think of Alexa Chung in all her effortless charm, and how carefree it makes you look and feel. I adore this photograph of Margaret from Shine By Three. As the season gets colder, my wardrobe tends to get darker and darker. Adding a bit of denim, makes it a little brighter. Denim is a basic staple item, the way black is one of those wardrobe basics that everyone has at least one item of.

Fashion In Sabrina With Audrey Hepburn (1954)

Sabrina_3.jpgThe first time I watched Sabrina was in Taiwan a few years ago. The first time I watched it, I was just so entranced by Sabrina, and how they used to speak, dress and move. It reminded me of a subtle transformation from a young, innocent girl to a mature and graceful young lady. There’s something about watching a film in black and white that makes one feel strangely nostalgic, even though they haven’t lived in that period of time. Audrey always had a natural elegance, and her style visually reflects that part of herself. The fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy was known for designing clothing for Audrey that complimented both of their styles. c85f370dda95e2dcad2f7b22df8f5690.jpgSabrina+AudreyHepburn+sailboat2.jpgpoppy_parker_sabrina_miss_fairchild_integrity_toys_07.jpgaudrey-hepburn-and-william-holden-in-sabrina-1954-large-picture.jpg

Ruby Autumn/Winter Collection 2017

I was walking on High Street during the weekend, and couldn’t help walking into Ruby. I’ve featured my favourite pieces from the A/W Collection 2017. Ruby is a New Zealand fashion label that is best known for its designs that effortlessly embody youthful elegance and adventurous charm. From streetwear origins, RUBY has enchanted its audience under the direction of designer Deanna Didovich to become one of New Zealand’s most exciting brands. Check out the complete collection hereruby-viso-jacket-viso-jean-and-58b3ad77621a6ruby-pizzo-longsleeve-and-bambi-58b3afcfbcd03ruby-occhio-t-shirt-and-stella-d-58d3245f17c05ruby-ophelia-coat-bambi-shirr-58b3adfe86c66ruby-otto-turtleneck-and-rooftop-58b3b02656fd4ruby-paloma-wrap-top-and-paloma-58b3b18506268ruby-luna-dress-58b3b1d75af27pizzo-longsleeve-and-viso-jean-58b3ae90cb0c0

Photography from Ruby

Why Do Some People Often Wear Black?

aliciavikander.jpgFashion speaks in a way that allows one to express themselves without having to say a word. It’s an expression of personal style. It’s a way of presenting ourselves to the world, the way we see ourselves or the way we might like to be portrayed. I wear what I feel most myself in, and it often just happens to be inside of black, grey, nude or navy clothing. Comfort and simplicity are the two things I look for in clothing. Black clothing are often our common statement pieces or a piece of clothing we will wear repeatedly. It’s commonly known for coming in every style of clothing, giving a slender figure, making one appear more sophisticated and being perfect for casual and formal occasions.

It’s simple to style and less time consuming. For those who don’t like to spend too much time in the mornings deciding what to wear, black is simple to style without giving too much thought. Most of our black clothing come in basic pieces (pants, shirt, coat). It speaks for itself, and is easy to match.

Black will always be in fashion. It’s one of those common sayings that Black clothing is timeless and will never go out of style. Nearly every person will have at least one item of clothing in black. Clothing’s in stores will very often come in black.

It’s unconsciously done through habit. I think it was around 2011 when I started wearing a lot more black. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, and I started to shop for more black clothing because they matched well with my colourful clothes. Over the years it was something that I didn’t intend on, but it just happened.

The need for minimalism, quiet and no distractions. Adopting the need for a minimalist lifestyle, often comes with simplifying ones wardrobe. For those who may require deep concentration or periods of quiet, they may find that wearing black tends to allow one to feel those aspects even more so. Perhaps it’s like putting on a costume.

Black can express so much, yet say so little. According to Colour Psychology, black creates an air of mystery. It keeps things hidden from the world in it’s secretive nature. It has the ability to barrier oneself from the outside world and protect ones emotions and feelings. Some people wear black to hide their weight, feelings or insecurities. Black can also imply self control, power, confidence, independence and strong will.

Some creative people think better wearing black. Some artists, poets, musicians, dancers and other creatives may often wear black because it is less likely to distract themselves from the art. If a person just happens to be a creative introvert that wears black too, you may relate to the mental state of keeping your mind off yourself.

The ability to appear more sophisticated. I’m not sure about you, but I have quite an innocent face, and wearing black tends to make me feel that I can be taken more seriously. Even when my facial appearances may appear more soft, I’m very aware of certain things, but I feel that wearing black has the ability to emphasise that.

The illusion of being taller and slimmer. Black clothing has the ability to flatter ones figure, by creating the illusion of being more slender. If you look at street fashion, it’s even more noticeable how pleasing black can be to the eye.

It makes them feel comfortable and stylish. As someone who is somewhat shy at times, I find that black makes me feel stylish and comfortable at the same time without sticking out too much. I really do feel to some degree, that what we wear can affect our mood. When you feel good in your clothing, it shows.

They don’t feel the need to fit in with the crowd. Trends come and go. Black clothing is worn year after year. Especially when you think about the sort of clothes one recycle at the end of the year, they tend to be the floral, patterned, denim or textured clothing that is no longer worn regularly.

Personality can also affect ones reason for wearing black. Perhaps if you are more serious and conservative you may feel more comfort in wearing black. There is a sense of being able to be ones self when wearing black. Black can be intriguing, endearing or interesting. Black clothing can also reflect the way one may keep many of their thoughts and feelings inside, rather than revealing them.

Photography by David Bellemere For The Edit

New Zealand Fashion Week – Street Style 2016


I feel quite possibly each year, I tell myself that I have to go to NZFW at some point. Perhaps when I next move back, I will go. It’s always good to see the amazing designs of the creative and talented New Zealand designers. My favourite street styles are always the ones that stand out from the crowd. They have their own quality of style and confidence. My favourite look this year is Talisa’s Day One Outfit from Eugenie. She makes minimalism and simplicity look so chic, effortless and stylish.

Happy birthday @jaimeridge! Love the team at @nzfashionwk photo by @Parker #NZFW

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Personal Style Is More Important Than Trends

13988823_307047526316202_1431730111_n.jpgThere was a time when nearly everyone wore high waisted denim shorts, jeggings were in and many girls owned a pair of ankle boots. The interesting thing with trends is that at some point, they are bound to make a come back. I’ve always been curious at how trends are created and how popular clothing encourage hyperconsumerism. It’s a clever way of saying ‘You need to buy this’. The strong part about having personal style, is setting your individualism and personality at a glance. In a visual world, it’s undeniable that we will make first impressions of someone by the way they appear. Personal style encourages one to emphasise their own natural beauty and develop their own style.

There’s a difference between wearing what you like and wearing something for the sake of it being on trend. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first to admit that I have purchased clothing that was trending, but if you only buy what is trending then there will be a desire to always purchase the latest clothing. In fast fashion, a lot of designs are unfortunately copied and many clothing stores will have similar trends with their competitors. The ability to express yourself without words, is a way of showing how you want to be viewed or perhaps how you see yourself. I recall watching an interview, where the actress said the costume always seems to be the factor that really ties everything in for the character to come alive.

I smile a little when I think about how my style has changed over the years. My younger days were blissfully filled with wearing whatever I had, without too much thought. My early teens were a little more conscious of what I was wearing. I started wearing crop tops and floral dresses because at the time, the stores were full of these. In high school, I always wore a bow in my hair or a cute accessory. I realised that the thing I felt the most safe or adventurous in was whenever I wore black. Call it the part of me when I was a musician – black seemed to always be the colour that was mostly worn and I’ve always just connected with that.

My fashion has always been influenced by Asian fashion styles. My personal style has evolved and become much more minimal and simple. Personal style is the ability to express you personality, inspiration, beliefs and lifestyle into an outfit. As much as I love fashion bloggers as the next person, I feel that often we have a long feed of suggested clothes to wear and advertised products, but the importance is in finding what inspires you and feels like you. If you love street fashion as myself, you may of noticed the way some people hold themselves. Some people exude confidence and really own what they wear.

Too many jazz pianists limit themselves to a personal style, a trademark, so to speak. They confine themselves to one type of playing. – Oscar Peterson

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