Stella McCartney Winter Campaign 2017

Stella McCartney's Winter 2017 campaign brings awareness of the growing issue of waste and over consumption. It is photographed by Harley Weir in the Eastern Coast of Scotland. The man-made landscapes is formed from all the waste that has been piled into these areas that causes us to question the significant affect we are placing … Continue reading Stella McCartney Winter Campaign 2017

The Style Culture Of Auckland And Wellington

In writing this, I hope it can encourage all of us to embrace our personal style. Some of these thoughts are from observations and others are from readings and how I see the two cities in terms of the style culture in what we wear.  If you're an Aucklander or Wellingtonian, please let me know … Continue reading The Style Culture Of Auckland And Wellington

Fashion Feature With Sabina Sysantos

Sabina from Folly and Misfortune is a stylish soul who I met at university, and instantly clicked with. It was one of those spontaneous and unexpected moments, where you meet someone at the right time and happen to both have a zest for fashion. Winter in Auckland has been on the icy side with the … Continue reading Fashion Feature With Sabina Sysantos

Who Do You Have A Style Crush On?

The kinds of crushes we have when we're young tend to come and go. However, there are style crushes that come and go, and then there are the ones that stay year after year. We just can't seem to let them go, we might admire them from afar and appreciate their sense of personal style. … Continue reading Who Do You Have A Style Crush On?

Taylor Pre-Collection SS17/18

Taylor is a New Zealand fashion brand that designs garments that are incredibly stylish and wearable. The brand was established by designer Vicki Taylor in 1999, with each garment carefully designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Vicki grew up in a fashion industry family and is passionate and continually inspired by fabrics and textural combinations. Frequent trips … Continue reading Taylor Pre-Collection SS17/18

Staple + Cloth Vice Versa Collection 2017

Staple + Cloth recently launched their new season collection, Vice Versa. The event was held tonight in their Ponsonby Boutique, with each piece of clothing made in New Zealand. The Slip Dress and Jacket are my favourite, and the fabrics are sleek to touch. The wonderful thing about this collection is the versatility of dressing from day … Continue reading Staple + Cloth Vice Versa Collection 2017

The Wardrobe Staples For Black Clothes

It's rare that no one has at least one item of black clothing in their wardrobe, even if it's a black pair of socks! Unless of course, you have a colourful rainbow of socks which would be perfect for mix matching. You might have a coat, t-shirt, pants, hat, bag, dress or shoes in black … Continue reading The Wardrobe Staples For Black Clothes