Surround Your Life With Positive People

In our day to day lives, it may not always be possible to interact with positive people and even if we are a positive person ourselves, everyone has days where they feel under the weather. However, if we want to surround ourselves with positive friends, then we need to strive to be someone who is … Continue reading Surround Your Life With Positive People

The Law Of Attraction And The Power Of Positivity

When we have gratitude, it reminds us of how much we have. We see our lives as full and abundant, rather than lacking and empty. When we say thank you, it acknowledges the person, as well as the small things in life. It makes us feel good, as well as the other person. Do you ever … Continue reading The Law Of Attraction And The Power Of Positivity

Happy List

Photos by Christine Lee in Taipei, Taiwan I am reminiscing moments from Taiwan and New Zealand. The sweetest moments to me usually consist of nature, people, quiet spaces, good food and laughter. It's surreal to think I have been living in Australia for over a month now, and I can say that it is somewhere … Continue reading Happy List

What a Wonderful World

What a beautiful day it is. Auckland is so majestic on a Summer's day (or should I say Springs day) when the sky is blue and scattered with white clouds and the sun is shining bright. The flower's are so beautiful in the University, today I opened the door to find a lovely surprise from my lovely … Continue reading What a Wonderful World