Surround Your Life With Positive People

In our day to day lives, it may not always be possible to interact with positive people and even if we are a positive person ourselves, everyone has days where they feel under the weather. However, if we want to surround ourselves with positive friends, then we need to strive to be someone who is … Continue reading Surround Your Life With Positive People

The Mind Of A Positive And Negative Person

We've all been in the positive and negative parts of our mind, and felt those feelings of wonderful enjoyment and pulsing stress. I was recently shared an article from Successful Entrepreneurship here, that I'd love to share here. If you know who drew these wonderful pictures, please let me know so I can credit them. A … Continue reading The Mind Of A Positive And Negative Person

The Importance Of Practicing Gratitude

When we are children our parents teach us to say Thank you, so that we learn to practice gratitude. This is one of the most important lessons we will learn as a young person, because I believe that good manners go a long way. When we practice gratitude, it makes us realise how much we … Continue reading The Importance Of Practicing Gratitude