What Is In Your Heart Will Eventually Show

b0cf090eb3590b5ff3fbad58be448df6.jpgThe moments we show our true colours is when the layers are peeled back. No one, not anybody, can be truly defined by their job, their appearances, how much money they earn, what education they have, what car they have, what clothes they wear, what house they live in, how many friends they have or what photos they’ve taken. External definitions do not bring long term happiness. The true happiness that we feel are the moments we act with kindness and love, lend a helping hand or spend time with loved ones. It’s the kind that we feel in our heart. I recently listened to a video here, where he reminds us to be a selfless and loving person even in the heat of the moment.

We may have times where we’ve compared with someone else, and automatically it can bring ourselves down. No one can be happy by comparing themselves or pretending to be someone else. The video mentions about taking off the mask. This is something that really spoke to me because I believe so deeply in being true to yourself. At the same time, as an INFJ, I tend to be very private and not show many people the true me completely. As much as I value being oneself, there is that slight contradiction where I do strive to be myself, but at the same time, not everyone will see me for me at a glance. But perhaps only over time, if not years!

As much as I love writing about fashion, art, film and books, the one thing I feel most important to write about are topics like this. They are messages we need a reminder of. The way we value life shouldn’t be of materials or from the way things look. Everyone is capable of kindness and improving themselves. The kindness that’s important, is doing things even when not a soul will see it. We often judge things from the way they look. People may judge a person the way we judge a painting or a book cover at a glance. Things are most often not what they seem to appear. Imagine the way the water looks on the surface, with its dark blue peaceful ripples, and picture a beautiful magical ancient ruin beneath. There’s a story hidden inside that we don’t see at first.

The title reads What Is In Your Heart Will Eventually Show from how much beauty, we may or may not see in someone the more we become closer. What is in our heart shows through our actions. When people start to open up to each other, there’s a part of them that’s unlocked. Their personality and a certain rawness start showing more and more. A beautiful person is seen from their heart, where over time it opens like a sleeping rose. In 1 Peter 3-4 reads: Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. 

Art by Jiwoon Pak

People Will Judge No Matter What You Do In Life

Helena-perez-garcia-illustration-forest-flowers-2.jpgNo matter how successful we are in our lives or how badly we may fall, we will always be judged. It happens no matter if we are striving for something, making a change in our lives or taking action for something. There is a strange peace in knowing that we can’t please everyone in the world. We can only do what we feel is right in our heart. There is a huge difference between someone who talks about facts and truths, compared to someone who gossips about others. Talking of others with facts or speaking of them kindly is hugely different to those who completely judge those they don’t really know.

People will judge automatically on the way someone appears, dress, moves, speak, what they study, where they work, how much money they earn, where they live, what their friends are like etc. We all do it in the sense that we all have our own opinions. Those who are less judgmental are often more loving towards those around them. It’s a terrible feeling when we feel judged or spoken about without any facts. No one enjoys the feeling of being talked about, yet many still engage in talking about others. An important message to remember is that others opinions about you, do not define who you are as a person.

If you have nothing nice or constructive to say, don’t say anything at all.  We all have thoughts, opinions and our perceptions in life. However, not all things are needed to be said out loud. Sometimes they can hurt the person or only bring negativity. Especially when words don’t encourage improvement, positive change or motivation, they can be kept inside. Those who speak unkindly about others are only reflecting who they are as a person. When I catch myself feeling frustrated, I try to maintain a neutral view and remember that everyone is different.

Judgement comes from those who want to feel that they are more superior. It may also be because they want to find a flaw to bring you down, to make themselves feel better. It can also come from disapproval of someones actions or appearance. I think everyone’s seen on the media, how they constantly bring down celebrities. If someone is too skinny they may have anorexia, and if they gain more weight, they tell us that they might be pregnant or overweight. No one ever wins, because people will always find something negative to point out. Remember that your self worth isn’t formed by others validation or approval.

When we are judged through our appearances and what can be seen, it’s like reading a cover of a book, and never reading the content. The way we feel in our lives shouldn’t be relied on how others feel about us. Never rely on others for your own happiness. Don’t be afraid to do what you want in life because you fear what others will say. When you strive for the stars, people will still whisper. Do it anyway for yourself. Everyone makes their own mistakes and goes through tough times. Nobody is perfect in this world. What is important is to stay true to who you are, and go for the things you want in your life.

Art by Helena Perez Garcia

The Importance Of Not Judging A Book By Its Cover

823ac557f14dd4effb75412ef822cbc6.jpgWe live in a society where many people judge and treat others based on their looks. Have you ever had an experience talking to someone, and then felt that they spoke differently with another person beside you. Perhaps the tone in their voice changes, the eyes look more engaged and various other signs that are a giveaway. I previously wrote about how we live in a shallow world and how to stay true to yourself in a superficial world. Whether it is in friendship or any relationship, we always meet people first by seeing the way they look, before sinking deeper into their personality. There is a concept that people who are considered more attractive are more trustworthy and likely to be successful.

Although, I could write about many different examples, Appearances will always be valued at various degrees. I still feel that it is very shallow and unreasonable to compare someones self worth with the way they look. In hoping to not contradict myself, I do want to write about it from both point of views. Everyone has such different personalities and beauties within that can be seen if given the time to get to know them. Another aspect is the different experiences we have all been through. No matter how much we perceive someone visually, we cannot imagine or judge what they have been through. It’s only when we speak, listen, give our time and engage, that we can understand.

When I wrote about what really matters in the world, I genuinely believe that the world needs more kindness, love and compassion. I believe that the most important thing at the end of the day is the relationships we have with people. Yet, with most people we barely scratch the surface. We walk around past thousands of strangers in our life time. Judgement of a film, book or a person before giving them a chance, can make a person lose the chance of possibly unfolding and diving into a wonderful story or friendship. Perhaps the reason why people judge, is because there is an assumption that if we feel someone is unattractive or attractive, it will be connected to positive or negative traits they may possess.

I previously wrote about why I deleted my personal Facebook, and in many aspects I felt that having a Facebook with hundreds of primary, high school and university friends and acquaintances started to feel like many people used it solely to judge others. Whether it was what they currently look like now, what someone did on a Friday night, what job they have and so on. I now have a private Facebook with literally 5 people, who are family members that I message. As much as I try not to judge, I am someone who is a more ‘keep to myself’ sort of person, where most of those thoughts tend to stay in my head. But I think there is an importance in what we speak that should be considered, whether it’s kind, constructive or necessary.

Although, I have been speaking strongly about not judging a book by the cover, it’s only fair to see it from both sides of the coin. There are many times where small situations may cause us to judge by the cover. For example, I noticed that I get asked a lot for directions or asked to take photos for tourists. I generally have a friendly face, I don’t use my phone on the streets, I’m generally very aware of my surroundings and seem more approachable to some people. Maybe it’s a good thing and maybe it’s not. There are certain situations that causes us to naturally judge someone by their appearances. We may judge ones appearances for our safety at night time or a persons outfit for an interview. There is a difference between fair judgment and condemnation.

In terms of body image, we tend to judge a bigger body in leaning towards the unhealthy side and a slender figure with a healthy body. Whereas, that may not necessarily be the case, as body image does not determine inner health. The truth is people will always judge. When you walk down the streets, people aren’t able to see your wonderful humour, great personality or way of speaking. The important thing to remember as an individual, is to stay true to yourself. When we get caught up with the world, it can be quick to be absorbed into the superficiality. Remember to stay grounded, honest, true and focused on what is really important in life.

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