The Lessons I’ve Learned From Job Interviews

If you ask me what I believe success is, it would be seeing the one's I love happy and healthy. It would also be doing something I love and am passionate about, having my own house of cats and a nice succulent collection. Interviews are great experience and prepare you in becoming more fluid in … Continue reading The Lessons I’ve Learned From Job Interviews

Aya Yamashita |The Artist

Art by Aya Yamashita. Words by Katie Kuo. First things first. Aya Yamashita is one of the loveliest person you will ever meet. When you talk to her you can't help smiling because she radiates a beautiful smile and sends positive energy to other people. I first met Aya in 2013 in New Zealand. She … Continue reading Aya Yamashita |The Artist

Interview with Sensible Stylista

On June 26, 2014 I sent an email to Kimberley Kong (Writer of Sensible Stylista). I was immediately captured by her sense of style, relateable way of writing and beautiful smile. Recently, I contacted Kim for an opportunity to interview her. I'm so happy to have the honour of doing so! A little about Kim is that she … Continue reading Interview with Sensible Stylista