My Journey And Relationship With Food

I was watching the video below by It's Jcanana. I could relate to what she was saying, and it made me think of my own journey with food. As it's something so personal, it's easy for other's to think from the outside "Why should you be self conscious, you're quite slim." I really wanted to … Continue reading My Journey And Relationship With Food

Why We Need To Stop Saying “I’ll Be Happy When…”

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. It's common for all of us to say to ourselves that we'll feel satisfied when this or that happens. When we do this, it distances us from the present moment, because we'll always be chasing and reaching out for something ahead, while never fully grasping and enjoying the moment. … Continue reading Why We Need To Stop Saying “I’ll Be Happy When…”

We Don’t Need A Lot To Be Happy

Christmas is just around the corner! I hope you all had a wonderful year, even through the ups and downs. The past two years have been a special chapter of my life. Life in Sydney had its challenging times, but most of all it made me learn, grow and change in a positive way. As I carry my … Continue reading We Don’t Need A Lot To Be Happy

Daily Thoughts: Live Each Day As If It Is Your Last

There are certain phrases that make me ponder about our existence on Earth. It's common to hear they'll always be tomorrow. Especially if you've had a bad day. We've all heard the phrase live each day as if it is your last or live life to the fullest. The truth is, tomorrow is never for sure, but … Continue reading Daily Thoughts: Live Each Day As If It Is Your Last

Never Rely On Someone Else For Your Happiness

We are our own company from the beginning to the end. Learning to accept ourselves and love ourselves wholly is something that can only come from within, before it can be felt completely. In the test of time it is our own selves that we can fully depend on. The one that we need to … Continue reading Never Rely On Someone Else For Your Happiness

Why Being Skinny Won’t Make You Happy

You know what got me thinking? As a society we tend to compare a lot. Whether it's unconsciously throughout our everyday life, or the constant digital world bombarding us with comparisons of looking like this or that. The emphasis on being a certain weight or the endless articles, videos, news and social media platforms that … Continue reading Why Being Skinny Won’t Make You Happy

A Smile Is The Best Makeup You Can Wear

Do you ever notice how much happier you feel when you smile or burst out with laughter. All the anxiety, tension and worries seem to melt away. Smiling can really be one of the most simple ways of making someone's day. Talking to other's always seem much more comfortable and smiling can give a friendly … Continue reading A Smile Is The Best Makeup You Can Wear

Why Being Nice Is Not Always So Nice

I believe in kindness. That is, I believe the only way to live an enriched life filled with gratitude, faith and love is to fill it with kindness. There can only be benefits in living with kindness, but then again (as I write this article) there have been moments where I felt hurt by others … Continue reading Why Being Nice Is Not Always So Nice

the skinny theory

I've been having an itch to write this for a while, because this topic has been on my mind for quite some time. In this day and age, especially in the digital world, it seems almost as if we are never skinny enough or we need to watch our weight. Yet, promoting a healthy lifestyle … Continue reading the skinny theory

The Truth about Introverts

When someone is happy, angry, sad, joyful, loving and all the feelings you can possibly imagine, there is a story etched in the expression of their face. We feel differently to everyone. Everyone sees the world through their own pair of eyes and have different experiences during a day in a life of .............. (insert … Continue reading The Truth about Introverts

Happy List

Photos by Christine Lee in Taipei, Taiwan I am reminiscing moments from Taiwan and New Zealand. The sweetest moments to me usually consist of nature, people, quiet spaces, good food and laughter. It's surreal to think I have been living in Australia for over a month now, and I can say that it is somewhere … Continue reading Happy List

Thank You 100 Followers!

(while you read this with the music, imagine you're sitting in a cosy jazz cafe in Paris, with the smell of coffee in the air and a hot latte in your hand. That's how I'm feeling) Thank you reader! I can already feel the sweet tooth warmth forming in my stomach as if I've just … Continue reading Thank You 100 Followers!

What a Wonderful World

What a beautiful day it is. Auckland is so majestic on a Summer's day (or should I say Springs day) when the sky is blue and scattered with white clouds and the sun is shining bright. The flower's are so beautiful in the University, today I opened the door to find a lovely surprise from my lovely … Continue reading What a Wonderful World


What is happiness? Happiness is not a thing, but a feeling from our heart. When I read my daily devotion yesterday morning, it really opened up my eyes about what is really true happiness. In the bible it says "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith" (Galatians … Continue reading Happiness