How To Consume Less And Live More Abundantly

We live in a consumer society that tells us that more is not enough, and that we are always constantly needing more. We need to update our technology, buy this product to be happy and wear this to fit in. There is so much clothing, technology, food and so forth that are disposed of in … Continue reading How To Consume Less And Live More Abundantly

Remember This When You Feel Life Is Hard

It was a cold Spring night and the streets were beginning to feel deserted. The air feels icy and you can't quite feel your nose or ears. I was outside in the quiet hours of the night with my boyfriend. Ahead of us was an ambulance and we saw them assisting an old man that we … Continue reading Remember This When You Feel Life Is Hard

Reflecting On Life: Heart To Heart

The sky is a blanket of white and a curtain of rain is falling from the sky. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about life. I came home from the doctors this morning and was relieved when she told me about my blood test results. She told me I don't have anemia and my glucose levels … Continue reading Reflecting On Life: Heart To Heart

What I Am Thankful For This Week

I remember the days when I started writing on my blog in my little room with the dim lighting, and didn't imagine anyone to read it but somehow I just wanted to document my life in some way as a memory. To write my life on the digital pages and within my private journals. Til this … Continue reading What I Am Thankful For This Week

The Importance Of Practicing Gratitude

When we are children our parents teach us to say Thank you, so that we learn to practice gratitude. This is one of the most important lessons we will learn as a young person, because I believe that good manners go a long way. When we practice gratitude, it makes us realise how much we … Continue reading The Importance Of Practicing Gratitude

Today I Am Grateful For..

A grey cloud seems to be over my head these past few weeks. It makes me feel lost at times and question "What am I doing in my life?". I believe that it's okay not to know, whatever chapter of your life or whatever age you maybe. As they say it's never too late to … Continue reading Today I Am Grateful For..

It Is Always the Little Things

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. It might be walking on a bridge and seeing the goldfish swim by. It might be the little lady bird you discover on your bed. And it might just be from your own imagination, creating stars in the sky and joining them together. There is much to be … Continue reading It Is Always the Little Things