Changing From An INFJ To An ENFJ

I don't know what to say because I feel I am an introvert in many senses, but perhaps I'm a balance between an introvert and extrovert. Since 2013 I've take the personality test once a year, and each year it has always been INFJ even when I'd take it a second time just to double … Continue reading Changing From An INFJ To An ENFJ

What The Definition Of An Introvert Is (And Isn’t)

I see and hear it very often, that when a person is quiet, shy or reserved, they are quickly labeled as an introvert. The main part that bothers me, is that it is very often suggested in a negative way by those who don't understand the full meaning of the word. I have previously written … Continue reading What The Definition Of An Introvert Is (And Isn’t)

I’m Not Shy, I’m An Introvert

When I was younger, I was painfully shy. At home, I was energetic and laughed as loudly as a child does. However, as I grew older I knew that in order to communicate with other people, I needed to be polite and speak to others. Even as a teenager now, I still have moments when … Continue reading I’m Not Shy, I’m An Introvert

Everyone is Different

Ah, where to begin. This blog post is motivation from the lovely beauty, lifestyle and fashion youtuber, Dani Mansutti blog post.I have struggled with this all my life, but it has been more of a struggle these past several months, and it has been one of those personal, internal struggles that is difficult to put clearly into … Continue reading Everyone is Different