Stella McCartney Winter Campaign 2017

Stella McCartney's Winter 2017 campaign brings awareness of the growing issue of waste and over consumption. It is photographed by Harley Weir in the Eastern Coast of Scotland. The man-made landscapes is formed from all the waste that has been piled into these areas that causes us to question the significant affect we are placing … Continue reading Stella McCartney Winter Campaign 2017

Five Tips On Reducing Plastic Bag Use

If you have heard of the environmental impact of plastic bags, then you know how much harm they can cause. In the late 1970's, according to, the "Paper or Plastic" wars began. The plastic bag was introduced to the supermarket industry, and were beginning to overtake the paper bags. Did you know that the World Economic … Continue reading Five Tips On Reducing Plastic Bag Use

The Ideal Environment For INFJs In The Workplace

It seems near impossible to thrive within an environment that is toxic or lacks motivation for anyone. I've been pondering about this for a long time, because I feel that I am quite particular about the sort of environment I want to work in. I previously touched on what is a suitable job for an INFJ … Continue reading The Ideal Environment For INFJs In The Workplace

Little White Dress

Spending more than a month in Taiwan has put my mind in more perspective about many things. When we travel to another country, we experience the culture, environment, people and language. As an Asian person who feels incredibly Western in an Asian society, it was extremely difficult for me to adjust myself to the culture. … Continue reading Little White Dress