Taiwanese Label Pazzo ‘Disney Villains’ Collection

"充滿夢想的我們推出了自有品牌PAZZO. 決定從最近的地方出發,創造台灣在地的好感國民衣著. PAZZO 將回歸衣著最簡單純粹的質地,講求最基本的質感,由挑選好布料開始! 希望與大家共享對衣著的用心堅持與自在有感生活. " From Taiwan to the world " 是PAZZO 誕生的最初精神! 想把幸福感的新生活哲學傳遞給全世界知道." View the amazing collection here. This is one of their older collections, but I just adore it. I don't know about you, but when I was younger, the Disney villain that frightened me the most was the Wicked queen in Snow White and … Continue reading Taiwanese Label Pazzo ‘Disney Villains’ Collection

The Perception of True Beauty in a digital world

As one can imagine, our generation is undoubtedly the technological era of the internet, growing inventions and new products. Did you ever watch Disney films or any classic animation when you were a child, and felt that it was truly real? Interestingly enough, much of our perceptions of reality comes from our own actions and … Continue reading The Perception of True Beauty in a digital world

the coolest bags in the world

What makes one happy? Seeing Alice in Wonderland on a bag and the rest of many Disney characters embroidered onto one round magical bag, where you can carry your daily needs. Olympia Le-Tan was born in London but raised in Paris. She is a creative spark who did not attend a fashion school, but self … Continue reading the coolest bags in the world