Daydreaming About Denim Under The Blue Sky

Denim might make you think of Summer days by the beach or skinny jeans with a white tee. It makes me reminisce to the country days, where I'd always have at least one pair of jeans to wear with my gumboots. The wonderful thing about denim is how versatile it is, that it can be … Continue reading Daydreaming About Denim Under The Blue Sky

25 Reasons Many INFJ’s Are Daydreamers

There is a certain comfort in daydreaming that many INFJ's feel. It can be a wonderful way for INFJ's to reconnect with themselves, analyse a situation, relax, explore their creativity, be imaginative or have high productivity depending on what they're doing. You may have been asked if you're okay or what you're thinking about. You … Continue reading 25 Reasons Many INFJ’s Are Daydreamers

The Kingdom of Daydreaming

Did you ever grow up with that inkling feeling that often people don't understand you? The reason that I am passionate about writing, is because it's this magical world where I can express myself, with my mind flowing and running without the limitation of speaking. It's the place where I can write what I understand … Continue reading The Kingdom of Daydreaming