Five Reasons To Improve Your Mandarin

It is New Zealand Chinese Language Week 2017 from 16-22 October, which is a initiative aimed at encouraging New Zealanders to discover more about the Chinese language and culture. There are many reasons why it's great to learn or improve your Mandarin, as not only is it one of the most beautiful languages, but it is … Continue reading Five Reasons To Improve Your Mandarin

The Style Culture Of Auckland And Wellington

In writing this, I hope it can encourage all of us to embrace our personal style. Some of these thoughts are from observations and others are from readings and how I see the two cities in terms of the style culture in what we wear.  If you're an Aucklander or Wellingtonian, please let me know … Continue reading The Style Culture Of Auckland And Wellington

Growing Up As An Asian In A Western Country

I was born and raised in New Zealand all my life, before I moved to Australia just under two years ago. I grew up being taught Mandarin and went to a Chinese school every Saturday. Unfortunately I was pretty lazy during those classes, as English was always a language I felt a huge interest with … Continue reading Growing Up As An Asian In A Western Country

I Am Tired Of Being Asked “Where Are You From?”

It is quite confronting when the very first question someone asks when you meet is "Where are you from?" and other times when it's slipped into conversation it's merely an innocent question out of curiosity. But, for the purpose of the article I have face more often the question up front said to me, without … Continue reading I Am Tired Of Being Asked “Where Are You From?”

new zealander living in australia

It was mid 2014 when I was sitting in the music room, where I studied in Auckland. Three months later I was packing my bags and traveling to Taiwan for a month, then soaring off to Australia. There are some noticeable differences living in Sydney and some similarities too. I have been here for eight … Continue reading new zealander living in australia

say no to thinspiration

This is a topic I've wanted to write about for a while, similar to my previous post on the skinny theory. Society is funny in a sense that we follow and we are persuaded by the definitions of beauty that the media makes, rather than our down to earth ones. In the early 20th century, … Continue reading say no to thinspiration

Little White Dress

Spending more than a month in Taiwan has put my mind in more perspective about many things. When we travel to another country, we experience the culture, environment, people and language. As an Asian person who feels incredibly Western in an Asian society, it was extremely difficult for me to adjust myself to the culture. … Continue reading Little White Dress