New Zealand Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

60cc6f698efa317df7fbcdb98d5b8316.jpgNew Zealand has many amazing cruelty free, vegan and organic skincare brands. For the sake of this article, I will focus on cruelty free brands (although many of these are vegan and organic too). When I was living in Australia, there was also an awareness of ethical brands and the ability to choose cruelty free and eco-friendly options.

There are many beauty and skin care products that promote ethical production. As we have increasingly more access to information online, there is more awareness about the brands we use. I’ve listed below just some of the cruelty free brands. However, if you have any that you know, please feel free to comment them down below!

Makeup Apotheka |Belle & Sage | Karen Murrell | Living Nature | World Organics

Haircare Belle & Sage | Earthwise | Ecostore | Essano  | Evolu | Lust | SavarThe Herb Farm

Skincare  Antipodes | Apheleia | ApicareApotheka | BeautousBelle & Sage |BestowBlue Earth | Bon Bon Vegan | Do No Harm | Ecostore | Essano | Ethique | Evolu | Geo Skincare Goodness | La’bonicLinden LeavesLiving Nature | Moana | Nellie Tier |OasisOlive |Only Good Orania | OxygenPlantae Sansceuticals | Skinfood |Snowberry | Stella For Cruelty FreeSurmanti | Tailor  | Tonic RoomTrilogy |Tribeca|  The Herb Farm | The Cruelty Free Shop | World Organics | You Are Loved

Washing Earthwise | Ecostore

Photography by Elias and Theresa Carlson

Emma Watson’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Instagram

3D7D2C2800000578-4246434-Emma_Watson_wearing_a_Calvin_Klein_dress_made_from_Newlife_recyc-a-1_1487749460240.jpgThe blue dress above is a custom Louis Vuitton dress designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere. The dress fabric is Newlife recycled polyester, created from used plastic bottles. These are sourced, mechanically processed and spun into yarns in Italy, with a fully traceable supply chain. This saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions compared to creating brand new polyester fibre. The arm band was created in a carbon-neutral mill. Everything featured is eco-friendly and all makeup worn is cruelty free. Raising awareness and encouraging support for ethical brands can make us more conscious consumers, while still being able to express ourselves!

Bonjour Paris! Coat is from @stellamccartney, the world's first luxury brand that is committed to producing products that do not use leather, skins, feathers or fur. Instead, Stella has spent years developing ways of using materials such as regenerated cashmere, recycled fabrics, organic cotton and forest-friendly fabrics. Jumper is from @filippa_k, a Swedish brand committed to four Rs: reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling. Tee by @boodywear, a brand that produces basics made with certified organic bamboo, produced using computerised 3D knitting, so no fabric is wasted. Its factories are zero-waste and have a closed loop system to stop any water being wasted. Bespoke beret by @maisonmichel made with organic cotton. Shoes are @goodguysdontwearleather. The brand doesn’t use any animal products in its collections. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves

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Emma-Watson-In-Oscar-de-la-Renta--------Beauty-and-the-Beast----Paris-Screening.jpgThe outfit above is from the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2017 collection; under the creative direction of Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim. It is a Jacobian flower-embroidered duchesse satin bustier with an organic silk faille sash and organic wool trousers as part of their first collection. The bustier by Oscar de la Renta, a long with the jumpsuit by Roland Mouret and the gown by Elie Saab are definitely my favourites!

Nihao Shanghai! Had the most wonderful premiere at Disneyland this evening. So excited to be here and thank you for the generous welcome 🇨🇳 🌹 P.S. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is amazing! Gown crafted from left-over fabric from a previous @eliesaabworld Haute Couture collection. The dress is made from 15 metres of tulle, embroidered with silk thread, sequins, beads and stones, five metres of illusion tulle and four metres of crepe georgette silk. Trainers by: @Veja, a brand that uses innovative, ecological materials, such as Amazonian wild rubber and recycled plastic bottles. @goodguysdontwearleather who do not use any animal products and make their collections in Porto to help preserve the traditional shoe making industry. @allbirds, who recently received status as a certified B Corporation, meaning they meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Gown validated and fashion information verified by @ecoage #ecoloves Make-up base is @kjaerweis Cream Foundation and @rmsbeauty "Un" Cover Up. Kjaer Weis is a certified-organic and natural make-up line that creates refillable metal packaging to help reduce waste. Cheeks tinted with @beautycounter Colour Sweep Blush Duo, which has a compact made of FSC-certified paper, and @tataharper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint. Beauty Counter have 'The Never List' of 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they never use in their products. Eyes are @jilliandempsey Khôl Eyeliner (who chooses to use organic and naturally-derived ingredients when formulating her make-up line), @vapourbeauty (who operates its own USDA-approved organic lab) Mesmerize Eye Colour and Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow. Highlight in the inner eyes was created with Kjaer Weis Radiance and brows were finished with @janeiredale Brow Gel. Kjaer Weis Mascara was used on lashes. Lips are a mix of @absolution_cosmetics Sweet & Safe Kiss Lipstick in Rouge Bordeaux and Kjaer Weis Lipstick in Beloved. All brands are cruelty-free. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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Completed our final day of press in London for @beautyandthebeast, what an incredibly kind reception. Not long now until the film is released into the world! 🌹❤️🇬🇧 Today’s look was a bespoke @31philliplim outfit, made from responsibly-sourced FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) viscose, and Oeko-Tex 100 certified biodegradable acetate yarn. @pichulikafrica earrings, handcrafted in Cape Town using locally manufactured rope re-purposed from off-cuts or overruns from the yachting and climbing industry. @burberry pumps handmade in Italy with organic silk #30wears Fashion info validated by @ecoage #ecoloves Skin prepped with @balancemebeauty Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser, @sukinskincare Hydrating Mist Toner and @paiskincare certified organic Rebalancing Day Cream and Gentle Eye Cream. Lips prepped with Balance Me Lip Quench Balm. Balance Me was founded by two sisters with clarity at the heart of their brand, stating the percentage of natural ingredients on the front of each product. Pai Skincare is certified vegan, is one of the first UK brands to be certified organic by @soilassociationbeauty and is formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Sukin are an Australian brand committed to offsetting their carbon emissions through a clean energy biomass project in India. @iliabeauty Vivid Foundation in a Tularosa and Atacama colour-mix used for the base. @rmsbeauty 'Un Cover-Up was used as a concealer and the Tinted "Un" Powder was used to set in place. Cheeks and lips were tinted with RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive. @odylique Essential Care Mascara was used on lashes. This is the first mascara to be certified to organic standards by the Soil Association and the brand list the recyclability of their packaging and the country of origin on their website. The whole look was set with Ilia's Finishing Powder. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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So nice to meet everybody at the first day of the Los Angeles @beautyandthebeast junket. The journalist who came dressed up as Lumiere was a particular delight! 🇺🇸🌹 Jumpsuit by @roland_mouret, who was a producer for the film Ten Billion, which highlights the impact of our growing population on the earth's resources and covers topics ranging from climate change, ecosystem loss, pollution, and resource depletion. Los Angeles­-based @susistudio design animal-free footwear using sustainable materials such as canvas, hemp, and faux leather produced from recycled plastic bottles. The focus of the brand is to inspire compassion towards humanity, animals, and the environment through creativity #30wears @article_22 upcycle Vietnam War-era bombs, planes, and other aluminium scrap to make Peacebomb jewellery. The more Peacebomb jewellery is worn, the more land is cleared and made safe for the surrounding communities #30wears Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves Skin prepped by combining Heritage Store Rosewater Glycerin Water with moisturiser and applying all over the face, neck and décolletage. @rmsbeauty "Un" Cover Up was used as foundation and concealer with "Un" Powder to set. RMS Beauty is free from nanotechnology and GMO ingredients. @tataharper Very Bronzing was used on eyes, along lower lash line in contour of eye and under cheekbones. Tata Harper runs her company in the belief that a company that makes products for women should be run by a woman. Eyes were accentuated with @janeiredale Liquid Eyeliner in Black/Brown which is vegan and certified cruelty-free by PETA. Lips are the Sweet & Safe Kiss Lipstick from Ecocert Greenlife-certified @absolution_cosmetics who collaborated with @christophedanchaud_makeup to create this line of lipsticks. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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emma-watson-wickstead-2.jpgA Emilia Wickstead structural, off-the-shoulder gown with inverted pleat train. The gown is made from end-of-line fabric sourced from a family-run, London business specialising in couture fabrics, and produced in Italy. These unwanted fabric pieces have been given a new lease of life; often irregular quantities of surplus or end-of-line fabrics cannot be sold and are destroyed. This piece was created in Emilia Wickstead’s London atelier, by an all-female team.

Ere Perez Real Rosehip Lipbar Life Review

12562614_197039687316987_788224256_oHappiness is smiling without any pain. Windy days seem to cause my lips to get dry and lose moisture quickly. You may of heard that it is just important to apply sunscreen protection on your lips as it is on your skin. The Real Rosehip Lip Bar from Ere Perez is deceiving, because of its gorgeous bright red colour. Easily mistaken as a lipstick, it is actually a unique lipbar that nourishes, protects and pouts your lips with a soft red tint and shine. I have previously mentioned Ere Perez in Australian Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands. The Life lipbar is 100% Australian owned, not to mention it is Vegan, Certified Cruelty Free and Fragrance Free. When first applied on the lips, it gives a light tint of red and glides on very smoothly. I almost feel as if I’m drawing on my lips.

The lipbar nourishes my much needed lips, as they are highly prone to dry. It softens the lips and feels barely there, compared to some chapsticks where you can taste it. However, the natural product is light on the lips and gently moisturising. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a stylish, soothing, gentle and very moisturising lip product that adds a tinge of red to bring life into your lips. The packaging is also very clean, cool and easy to hold. It’s convenient and will fit perfectly in your makeup bag.

Australian Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands


We all purchase from well known brands, such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, M.A.C Cosmetics, Estee Lauder and Revlon. In writing this article, I’d be lying if I said I don’t use Maybelline or L’Oreal. Because I do. My make up bag would tell you the truth. However, with the rise of technology, people are exposed to more behind the scenes and facts of what goes on in testing and production. The sad truth is that these brands are so globally well known, extremely well advertised and earn so much money, that they will sell, regardless of the ethics behind them. Even I’m guilty of that, there’s no denying. We walk into the makeup store and see a good sale, and it seems too easy to purchase it and put it on without giving a second thought of what little guy had to feel the pain, just so we wouldn’t.

This is in no way of saying stop using this and that makeup product, but simply to gain awareness that they are not cruelty free. Just as much as it wouldn’t be fair of me to say that eating animals is cruel and we should stop, when I still eat meat even though I am finding it hard to read between the lines of how they are being produced. It’s becoming more often that animals are being killed through suffering, rather than humanely. Any good facts on becoming vegan please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Without further ado, here are a few Australian Cosmetics brands to try out:

Adorn Cosmetics
12042605_10153617184430842_3125528957020413188_nAdorn launched in 2008 and was created by founder Briony Kennedy. Passionate about both ‘inner and outer’ beauty, Briony believes that products should have toxin free ingredients that have minimal impact on the environment. The Eco-Luxe products include mineral makeup and organic skincare.

“Our proud commitment to minimise both our carbon footprint and landfill is backed by our popular Earth Friendly Eco-Refill Program. ” Adorn Cosmetics are Choose Cruelty Free certified and Vegan Society registered. They are suitable for even the most senstive skins. They contain no Palm Oil and are Non Toxic, Pure Mineral, Organic and Earth Friendly.Capture

Ere Perez


Ere Perez is a company that was created to produce healthy, natural makeup. They select premium quality ingredients (plant extracts, oil and minerals) that are blended with antioxidants to create a gentle, effective makeup solution. Their products have natural colour pigments to suit all skin types, assist with sun protection, do not contain perfumes or chemical colourants.

Ere Perez Commitments

  • We select our natural ingredients with the greatest respect for mankind and the environment
  • We never test our products on animals
  • None of our products are manufactured using child labour
  • Our products are full of natural properties that protect your skin’s beauty
  • All our natural products are made and delivered directly to the customer or store


12243494_10153815013949706_3709135529786934445_nINIKA is a 100& natural and ethical cosmetics company, that began in 2006. They wanted to product natural cosmetics that people would fall in love with. INIKA has won over 35 awards for product excellence and innovation. Their full natural beauty range is now sold in more than 25 countries around the world. INIKA has also been awarded one of the highest safety ratings in the world by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) and is committed to maintaining their Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Halal and Vegan status.


Musq Cosmetics

musqMusq cosmetics prides themselves on a long standing commitment to provide only natural and ethical cosmetic and skincare products. Musq’s luxurious, clean, natural and ethical cosmetics embodies conscience. Reinventing ‘Luxe’ where you live in a luxurious world with sustainable style.

Since 2007, Musq has grown organically and now holds a firm place in the Australian cosmetics market. Musq is all about going back to basics and nature and providing excellent simple skincare products that fit today’s busy lifestyles, allowing women and men to be and look themselves with a little extra confidence.

“We aim to encourage people to make small changes to improve their health, mind & wellbeing along with our environment. This is our philosophy; Keep your food, skin & thoughts clean!” Musq has a “sport luxe” feel that promotes healthy lifestyle choices which ultimately will result in healthy skin.




Nūdus have the utmost respect for the planet, the people and the products they share. Their company believes in bringing natural cosmetics to you that are not only superior in quality and safety, but also provide beneficial ingredients to the mind, body and soul.

Nūdus is handcrafted with beautiful certified organic ingredients and combines bio-active ancient ayurvedic colours and extracts made from flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals with organic cold pressed oils including pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan and moringa. This makes for a nutritious cocktail of moisture and beauty.

Nūdus are very proud to be the very first company in Australia to have the COSMOS Organic certification on their lipsticks, certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The ACO is the most recognised certification body in the whole of Australia and through out the world.


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