Ethical Fashion And The Rise Of Consumer Culture

Clothes are one of the largest polluters in the world. There is so much we don't see from the clothes we wear, from the source of the fabric, where the cotton was grown, how much water was used to bring the piece of clothing to life, what environment the worker who sewed the piece of … Continue reading Ethical Fashion And The Rise Of Consumer Culture

How To Embrace Minimalism In Your Closet

The truth is I used to have many pieces of clothing that I never got around to wearing very often. I would buy a lot of clothes during the year, only to end up giving them away by the end of it. It makes me think back to how much I could of saved if … Continue reading How To Embrace Minimalism In Your Closet

Why Do Some People Often Wear Black?

Fashion speaks in a way that allows one to express themselves without having to say a word. It's an expression of personal style. It's a way of presenting ourselves to the world, the way we see ourselves or the way we might like to be portrayed. I wear what I feel most myself in, and … Continue reading Why Do Some People Often Wear Black?

Winter Means Over Sized Clothes

There are so many naked trees outside my window, with a few leaves clinging on before they fall. I've been wearing my socks and surprisingly haven't worn any holes into them yet. Although, if you ever wear stockings and find a hole that your toenail has formed, you can fix it by sewing it ten … Continue reading Winter Means Over Sized Clothes

coated with love

Winter has always been my favourite season, aside from the terribly cold weather and rainy grey days. Not to mention the poor umbrellas feeling of insignificance in the chaotic wind. It's the fact that you can wear much more without feeling overdressed. The feeling of the way a coat embraces the body and keeps it … Continue reading coated with love

A Special Skirt

When I was in Taiwan I loved to look inside my mother's wardrobe. As soon as I laid my eyes on this skirt I fell in love with it. My mother said it was a gift. In Chinese culture, when you are getting married, it is a tradition to buy new clothes. This floral skirt … Continue reading A Special Skirt