Changing From An INFJ To An ENFJ

I don't know what to say because I feel I am an introvert in many senses, but perhaps I'm a balance between an introvert and extrovert. Since 2013 I've take the personality test once a year, and each year it has always been INFJ even when I'd take it a second time just to double … Continue reading Changing From An INFJ To An ENFJ

Embrace Unpredictability And Accept Change

Uncertainty is a feeling that we've all experienced. As the previous post mentions, we must learn from the past, plan for the future and stay in the present. As we grow older, our thoughts, views and perspectives change. Life can come with unexpected moments and period of times where one feels lost and confused. Those … Continue reading Embrace Unpredictability And Accept Change

A Few Things I Want To Change About Myself

To grow better as a person we must be open to change. Change of bad habits, change in the way we think and change of attitude. It's true - these few years I feel that I've changed a lot in many different ways, which happens naturally with time and growing older. However, I feel there have been … Continue reading A Few Things I Want To Change About Myself

What Really Matters In The World

There's been a lot of news lately that makes me feel down about what is happening in the world. Then I remind myself that there are far more beautiful things that happen in the world, that we simply don't hear about or don't see. The world we live in often feeds off the bad news to … Continue reading What Really Matters In The World

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Everyday we learn something new, and everyday we learn from our mistakes. I wish for a world where whatever we speak from our tongues could be as honest as what we think in our hearts. As you grow older, you realise the deeper meaning of the well known saying that "actions speak louder than words". … Continue reading Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Daily Thoughts:When We Feel Very Deeply

There are days where I ask myself, if this was the last day I could ever have, is there anything I would of changed? Each day we live can be filled with the good or the bad. Maybe I shouldn't of said that, maybe I should of done, maybe I will do that next time. Everyday … Continue reading Daily Thoughts:When We Feel Very Deeply