The Lack Of Asian Models In Australia

After thinking about this for quite some time and noticing that nearly every main modelling agency in Australia has a significant lack of diversity, I felt the need to write about this topic. Many agencies would have one Black model, one or two Asian models and all White models. It seems that we live in … Continue reading The Lack Of Asian Models In Australia

Dealing With Racism As An Asian

When I think of racism, the following words also pop inside my head: sexism, homophobia, inequality, ageism, discrimination.. What really got me to write about this, is how much racism I have heard in one day. Living in Australia (or New Zealand - and anywhere for that matter), there will unfortunately be racism, especially in a … Continue reading Dealing With Racism As An Asian

Mirador ‘Eating Well’ AW16 Collection

Mirador is an ethical fashion brand based in Australia, designed by Lauren Elise Cassar. The first time I came across the Nonna Organic Sweater, I fell in love. Mirador combines art with fashion and uses only high quality fabrics with minimal and classic designs. What I love is their distinct style and the timeless pieces that don't follow … Continue reading Mirador ‘Eating Well’ AW16 Collection

New Zealand & Australian Ethical Fashion Brands A-Z

It's really wonderful to have a positive role model (Emma Watson) who not only supports Gender Equality (HeForShe), but also supports the ethics behind a multi-billion dollar industry - Fashion. I am guilty, as many people to use beauty items that are chemical-filled. Yet, the slow transition towards cruelty-free products is a goal I have … Continue reading New Zealand & Australian Ethical Fashion Brands A-Z

six fashion magazines you should be reading

There is something about magazines that take you on a portal to another place. The visuals. The words. Explosion of ideas. The creators work on paper right in front of you. Everything. If you are a creative cookie (and sweet tooth), then magazines like Yen and Frankie will welcome you warmly into your hands. Whereas … Continue reading six fashion magazines you should be reading

new zealander living in australia

It was mid 2014 when I was sitting in the music room, where I studied in Auckland. Three months later I was packing my bags and traveling to Taiwan for a month, then soaring off to Australia. There are some noticeable differences living in Sydney and some similarities too. I have been here for eight … Continue reading new zealander living in australia

Daily Thoughts #13

Image Source: Some daily dose of inspirational quotes from Rachel Gadiel's Blog : Nourish I feel strangely happy in this moment, after staying indoors listening to the Saturday night fireworks from Darling Harbour. The one obvious thing I have realised since arriving in Australia, is that if you want to get something done, just do … Continue reading Daily Thoughts #13

Instagram Diary

How can you ever imagine Sydney being stormy, with its beautiful blue sunshine weather. Oh, but you can. Especially when you wear your trench coat for the first time in Australia and simply cannot stop craving hot chocolate. Unfortunately, due to my snacking needs, I have succumbed to cereal eating once again. When you love … Continue reading Instagram Diary

Happy List

Photos by Christine Lee in Taipei, Taiwan I am reminiscing moments from Taiwan and New Zealand. The sweetest moments to me usually consist of nature, people, quiet spaces, good food and laughter. It's surreal to think I have been living in Australia for over a month now, and I can say that it is somewhere … Continue reading Happy List

A Special Skirt

When I was in Taiwan I loved to look inside my mother's wardrobe. As soon as I laid my eyes on this skirt I fell in love with it. My mother said it was a gift. In Chinese culture, when you are getting married, it is a tradition to buy new clothes. This floral skirt … Continue reading A Special Skirt

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. I hope from the bottom of my heart you have a wonderful time and an even more exciting new year! Christmas is my favourite time of the year. There are so many Christmas trees in Taipei. It's such a sweet and warm feeling, even though in Taipei, … Continue reading Merry Christmas

The Faces of Vogue

Here are some of my favourite recent editions: (in no particular order) For as long as I could remember, Vogue has been my favourite Magazine to read, look, discover and lose time in. It lifted my fascination with Christian Dior and Fashion History. It made me fall in love with Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley, Kate Moss, … Continue reading The Faces of Vogue

What a Wonderful World

What a beautiful day it is. Auckland is so majestic on a Summer's day (or should I say Springs day) when the sky is blue and scattered with white clouds and the sun is shining bright. The flower's are so beautiful in the University, today I opened the door to find a lovely surprise from my lovely … Continue reading What a Wonderful World

Daily Thoughts #8

My lucky number is 8. I like the way it looks like an infinity sign and the way it symbolises open possibilities, trust and endless love. It's exactly one week until I make my way to Taiwan and Australia. I'm starting to feel the slight butterflies and fluttery feelings inside my stummy (stomach/tummy). It's a … Continue reading Daily Thoughts #8