The Lack Of Asian Models In Australia

After thinking about this for quite some time and noticing that nearly every main modelling agency in Australia has a significant lack of diversity, I felt the need to write about this topic. Many agencies would have one Black model, one or two Asian models and all White models. It seems that we live in … Continue reading The Lack Of Asian Models In Australia

Dealing With Racism As An Asian

When I think of racism, the following words also pop inside my head: sexism, homophobia, inequality, ageism, discrimination.. What really got me to write about this, is how much racism I have heard in one day. Living in Australia (or New Zealand - and anywhere for that matter), there will unfortunately be racism, especially in a … Continue reading Dealing With Racism As An Asian

Mirador ‘Eating Well’ AW16 Collection

Mirador is an ethical fashion brand based in Australia, designed by Lauren Elise Cassar. The first time I came across the Nonna Organic Sweater, I fell in love. Mirador combines art with fashion and uses only high quality fabrics with minimal and classic designs. What I love is their distinct style and the timeless pieces that don't follow … Continue reading Mirador ‘Eating Well’ AW16 Collection

New Zealand & Australian Ethical Fashion Brands A-Z

It's really wonderful to have a positive role model (Emma Watson) who not only supports Gender Equality (HeForShe), but also supports the ethics behind a multi-billion dollar industry - Fashion. I am guilty, as many people to use beauty items that are chemical-filled. Yet, the slow transition towards cruelty-free products is a goal I have … Continue reading New Zealand & Australian Ethical Fashion Brands A-Z

six fashion magazines you should be reading

There is something about magazines that take you on a portal to another place. The visuals. The words. Explosion of ideas. The creators work on paper right in front of you. Everything. If you are a creative cookie (and sweet tooth), then magazines like Yen and Frankie will welcome you warmly into your hands. Whereas … Continue reading six fashion magazines you should be reading

new zealander living in australia

It was mid 2014 when I was sitting in the music room, where I studied in Auckland. Three months later I was packing my bags and traveling to Taiwan for a month, then soaring off to Australia. There are some noticeable differences living in Sydney and some similarities too. I have been here for eight … Continue reading new zealander living in australia

Daily Thoughts #13

Image Source: Some daily dose of inspirational quotes from Rachel Gadiel's Blog : Nourish I feel strangely happy in this moment, after staying indoors listening to the Saturday night fireworks from Darling Harbour. The one obvious thing I have realised since arriving in Australia, is that if you want to get something done, just do … Continue reading Daily Thoughts #13