Music Is About Ears Not Eyes

I was watching Begin Again when Keira Knightley said "Music is about ears not eyes." and those words just really stuck on me. How true is that. Music is meant to be felt and experienced, not stared at or made artificial. I think it reflects on the previous article, where I talked about how we shouldn't … Continue reading Music Is About Ears Not Eyes

Have You Got 3 Wishes?

If I had 3 wishes right now, they would be: That everyone has the gift of perfect sight. That I could fly. That I could speak all the languages in the world. Although, it seems each time it's something different. Last time, I wished that I could teleport to see my loved ones, be a … Continue reading Have You Got 3 Wishes?

The Carpenters: Nice To Meet You Mr. Postman

Growing up, I listened to The Carpenters. Not because my parents did or because my friends were listening to the classic tunes at the time. My introduction to Karen Carpenters wonderful voice was purely coincidental. A family friend was talking about it in their living room when I was younger, and she played Mr. Postman. … Continue reading The Carpenters: Nice To Meet You Mr. Postman

Can You Play the Flute with Metal Braces?

I remember when I was researching online, many orthodontists, dentists, students and parents said that after a while their patient or child adjusted well to the braces and could continue playing their woodwind instrument. However from making excessive research on this, I decided that I would be able to adjust. I wanted to write this article, … Continue reading Can You Play the Flute with Metal Braces?

memory lane

It's like taking a trip down memory lane. I am amazed at the power of music. How it can trigger a certain memory, person, place, feeling, familiarity and period of time. Putting my ipod on shuffle, without surprisingly skipping every second song and hearing that each one was from my mid-teens. Back in the day, even though … Continue reading memory lane

Sunday Morning

It's Monday night, but the musics got me feeling like Sunday Morning. Beginning the journey of the first day of experiencing the last year of teenage hood. In a reflection of the past year, I would have to say learning from all the kinds of unexpected lessons in life is something that I could not … Continue reading Sunday Morning