Can You Play the Flute with Metal Braces?

I remember when I was researching online, many orthodontists, dentists, students and parents said that after a while their patient or child adjusted well to the braces and could continue playing their woodwind instrument. However from making excessive research on this, I decided that I would be able to adjust. I wanted to write this article, … More Can You Play the Flute with Metal Braces?

Dandelion Duo

Angus & Julia Stone The Indie-Pop Duo makes me feel warm on the inside, especially during this icy cold start to winter. A daily dose of hot chocolate, sunshine and the feeling of sinking into freshly dried socks. Yes Please.

memory lane

It’s like taking a trip down memory lane. I am amazed at the power of music. How it can trigger a certain memory, person, place, feeling, familiarity and period of time. Putting my ipod on shuffle, without surprisingly skipping every second song and hearing that each one was from my mid-teens. Back in the day, even though … More memory lane

Sunday Morning

It’s Monday night, but the musics got me feeling like Sunday Morning. Beginning the journey of the first day of experiencing the last year of teenage hood. In a reflection of the past year, I would have to say learning from all the kinds of unexpected lessons in life is something that I could not … More Sunday Morning

Lack of Colour

The first time I listened to the album, I really liked Death Cab for Cutie. My teenage hood thanks them a lot. Lack of Colour – Death Cab for Cutie Lyrics And when I see you, I really see you upside down But my brain knows better, it picks you up and turns you around Turns … More Lack of Colour

Listen Sweetly

Falling in love with the magical sounds of every note and lyric is the best thing about discovering new music. Down below I have compiled music that I’ve listened to for a number of years. Newly discovered, but never too late, I found Angus and Julia Stone. Happy nevertheless and thanking Youtube. Staring out the … More Listen Sweetly

Brooklyn Baby

Back in the days (which makes me sound like I was born in the ’60s), I was asked “What music do you like Katie?”. It’s a hard question because I could say I love Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop… But the honest answer, I love music that makes me feel good. Being a classical … More Brooklyn Baby

Daily Thoughts #7

It’s the final week. Not a dramatic exclamation especially after eating a chocolate filled bun. It is however the final week of University for 2014. Every moment I keep thinking “this is the last lecture..last time I walk this path..last time I see these people”. I’m making myself feel like I am in a movie … More Daily Thoughts #7


What is success to you? Is it the feeling of accomplishment? Is it when you have completed your goals? Is it the feeling of being content in your life? When I was a young girl I use to ask myself this question often. What was success? Why are we, as human beings so driven for … More Success