The Wardrobe Staples For Black Clothes

74bee823b8b2a94abf3b8eac529f4604It’s rare that no one has at least one item of black clothing in their wardrobe, even if it’s a black pair of socks! Unless of course, you have a colourful rainbow of socks which would be perfect for mix matching. You might have a coat, t-shirt, pants, hat, bag, dress or shoes in black (or all of the above). The great thing about black clothing is that it matches and compliments well with nearly any outfit.

Black pair of shoes come with an endless array of styles from ballet flats, boots, loafers, sneakers to heels, sandals, lace-ons and slip-ons. Shoes like ballet flats and boots are a staple that you wear year after year.

Black Coat is a perfect addition during the colder season. It keeps you warm and looks effortlessly stylish. There’s a black coat to suit each person, just like a little black dress to suit anyone. You can opt for a trench coat, blazer styled coat or leather jacket.

Black pants Whether it’s a pair of sweatpants, tailored pants, crop wide pants or leggings, they can often be one of our go-to pieces of clothing. Pants work well for wearing to work and on a casual basis just by switching from a blouse to a t-shirt.

Black t-shirt and sweater Turtlenecks are perfect in Autumn and Winter, especially because they keep your neck warm! The classic black t-shirt is so easy to match with your clothing, that it’s just one of those staple pieces you can wear again and again.

Black skirt A Black skirt might not be for everyone, just as a pair of denim shorts might not be for everyone. Skirts are great for a wide range of occasions and can be styled in different ways. You can pick a suitable length that you prefer.

Black handbag Similar to Black ballet flats, my first handbag was a black handbag. I still remember I wore it until it started tearing and the zipper broke. It was just one of those bags that matched everything and was comfortable to wear.

A Minimalists Journey In Fashion And Lifestyle


If we go back in time, I was 14 when I started my first job at a cafe, and this meant taking responsibility for buying some of my own things. As a country girl, we would go into the city 2-4 times a month. I remember feeling satisfied with being able to buy my own clothes that I’d worked for. In my first year of uni in 2013, I would buy several items each month, and at the end of the year they were either left in the wardrobe or only worn 2-3 times. This taught me a lesson on choosing wisely, spending your money on clothing that will last and embracing your personal style. Over the years, I noticed the only pieces of clothing that I never threw away were predominantly my black clothes.


Our wardrobes should be filled with clothing that we will wear and make use of. In the book L’art de la Simplicité, it talks about how the things we own should have a purpose. This is why it’s important to purchase things that are good quality, long lasting and reflects who you are, in order to be useful. Minimalism doesn’t mean that you need to have the style of only wearing black, white and grey, because well, everyone has a different style. It simply means simplifying your life, not just in clothing materials, but in your lifestyle, relationships, mindset and so on. Decluttering is beneficial in the mind as well as our surroundings, as it sets free unnecessary thoughts and allows a clearer mind.


I think it’s important to mention that minimalism doesn’t mean that you only have seven items in your wardrobe, that you wear for each day of the week. It’s a reminder that we don’t need a lot in order to be happy in our lives, and that we should embrace the things we have. Therefore, you create a sense of satisfaction that isn’t attached to materials, and you have an appreciation for what you do have. It gives a sense of cleanliness and keeps your lifestyle simple, creating a space with less stress. Creating a habit of buying things of good quality means you spend wisely and am more thoughtful about what you’ll realistically use or wear for the next several years.


For fashion lovers, you should embrace your personal style, because it means you don’t buy something impulsively or for instant gratification. I remember in my teenage years, I used to buy things that in the end were not worn anymore because they didn’t completely connect with who I am. Now, I tend to buy from secondhand stores, choose more carefully or only purchase things that reflect my style. Minimalism in Fashion also ties into our lifestyle and the way we live. We live in a society that often feeds off of our fears and insecurities to make a profit, and unfortunately, we are used to this. However, the materials we own shouldn’t be a reflection of our self-worth.


Minimalism lessened my anxiety in my everyday life and made my lifestyle far more comfortable and far more stress-free. Life felt much more meaningful and enjoyable once I let go of toxic friendships, bad habits, unhealthy thinking and letting go of items that I had an emotional attachment to, but didn’t hold any value or use in my life. In The Minimalists, it says Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things so we can make room for life’s most important things—which actually aren’t things at all. 

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Style File: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

920e9f1b0cbe66a98a0e1fbf9d3904d8.jpgMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the designers for the luxury fashion brand, The Row, which was established in 2006. The brand includes a range of ready-to-wear, eyewear, handbags, and footwear. In 2012 and 2015, The Council of Fashion Designers of America named Ashley and Mary-Kate as Womenswear Designers of The Year. In 2014, they were awarded the title of CFDA Accessory Designers of the Year. They wear black effortlessly and embody structural designs that compliment the figure. They wear printed fabric and detailed patterns, but are known for layering and wearing a minimal style that proves less is more.4e55d2edfb55764eb4d627e0f51b61d4.jpg01220302000004101_1.jpgc868a8b265bfeecdffb2bcca079ab7a3.jpg8d3893af4de5461e87044a49a37fc57d.jpg8bf5394e47c817826342cdcf0a9b389d.jpgolsen

Wynn Hamlyn ’17/18 Collection


Wynn Hamlyn Crawshaw’s is the designer of Wynn Hamlyn and has featured in NZFW, impressing the audience with his skirts, merino knitwear, polo tops and midi dresses. The collection features silk textures, and a splash of colours such as gold, red and deep green. There are tops and dresses in one of a kind colours and masculine cut jackets and coats. The collection also features denim, cable knitwear, suits and cashmere coats. There’s a relaxed element with the tailoring and silhouettes. The colour palette is bold and there’s a diverse range of fabric and textures.

Photography by Sarah Adamson

Style File: Sara Donaldson From Harper & Harley

2ca95e7ef95aed508ad8576cdbde5dadSara Donaldson from Harper & Harley was one of the first bloggers I discovered several years ago, and as someone who wears black most of the time, I could relate to her minimal style. Sara wears a colour palette of mainly black, white, grey, camel and denim. She has a minimal style that reflects and shows that simplicity is elegant. Harper and Harley was launched in 2008, and has stayed consistent ever since. Sara has worked with brands such as Estée Lauder, Jaguar, Dyson, Loreal, YSL Beauté, Uniqlo, Gucci and Nike. Harper and Harley is well known for living a philosophy of less is more. Watch her interview here to get to know her a little more.eb5346f8afa8143b3586e9bec7b604d70b8b95566f4f10a10e66ad187fdace5838f5e6b9b892c5b058784a359570a692284ca882bb07a42ad88ab6d0f0f61ef782220fc93d02ee95be87a633b38f50aea86cfd5cbdcbc2862217d1c59215be02a9127b2442e0ce6ac45b7fb928b19c59e871f5363d2539f09ea61d89ae74db1a

The Life Portrait Of Coco Chanel

81WC0ArtEtLLife Portraits: Coco Chanel by Zena Alkayat and Nina Cosford is such a lovely, yet informative book. I read it in one sitting and absolutely fell in love with the drawings, the words and the simplicity of it.  I don’t consider myself as someone who will go out of my way to buy luxury fashion unless it’s second hand! However, I’ve always had a curiosity and interest in the history and designer that created their own brand. It was interesting to know how Chanel started her incredible company as a couture designer. Her beginnings would be what lead her to be known as one of the most well-respected designers in the fashion industry.52-53-1
The book is a wonderful coffee table book or collectors edition, that gives an insight into Chanel’s life. Growing up as an orphan in a French convent, she opens her own fashion house and sets off on several love affairs. As one of the twentieth century’s most exceptional couture designers, Chanel pioneered a modern way to dress that is practical as it is glamorous.  She famously invented the little black dress. This beautifully illustrated biography follows Chanel’s fascinating life and work, traces her inspirations and experiences, and celebrates the legacy of this fashion icon. See a little snippet inside of the magical book of a fashion icon here. All images are from Nina Cosford.120-121When I read stories like these, it’s a reminder that everyone goes through their own failures. It’s the persistence, passion, creativity, hard work, motivation and fire that keeps us going. It’s a message to not give up on what makes you happy and gives your life meaning. There are always going to be barriers or those who will try to bring you down, but at the end of the day, you are the one person who needs to believe in yourself the most, in order to achieve what you want. On a side note, the skirt suit above reminds me of Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine in the charming Chanel suit!34-35

Edun Fall Ready-To-Wear Collection 2017

11-edun-fall-17Edun is a sustainable fashion label, found in 2005 by Ali Hewson and her husband, Bono. Its collections of clothing, accessories and jewellery are a reflection of local craftsmanship. The Fall collection features an eclectic, bold colourful palette and elusive design collective drew inspiration for textures and hues from the contemporary artist Mickalene Thomas. Featuring graphic patterns, cropped motorcycle jacket, chunky sweaters and zebra prints. The clothes were crafted in partnership with several different organisations Africa, including the Ethical Fashion Initiative in Burkina Faso and designer Carole Nevin in South Africa. 09-edun-fall-1701-edun-fall-1721-edun-fall-1722-edun-fall-1727-edun-fall-17All images from original website