Grace Coddington in Puss Puss Magazine Issue #5

Puss Puss Magazine is a space for cat lovers who are interested in culture, fashion, music and the creative things in life. There will be no advice on how to take care of your cats, but instead, “beautiful photography, illustration intelligent writing, interviews and more by established as well as up-and-coming creatives from around the globe.” The … More Grace Coddington in Puss Puss Magazine Issue #5

Cats in Clothes

Heather Mattoon has extraordinary creativity and a beautiful imagination in creating wonderful clothes for cats to wear. Her art work makes you feel a tingly sensation of happiness and joy when you look at the paintings. Mattoon gives each cat a name and a description of their personality, creatively bringing them to life. Henry is … More Cats in Clothes

Cat Island

As an adamant animal lover growing up in the country side, I couldn’t resist looking on youtube (as one does on a grey rainy day) at cats walking at the park, cats that are the size of dogs, cats who are excited to see their owners, talkative cats.. As a young girl I had a … More Cat Island