The Driving Standards In Taiwan Need To Improve

In any city, driving safely and responsibly should always, always be an obvious requirement. I wanted to focus this article specifically on Taipei, because recently a very close person near and dear to my heart was nearly killed by a driver in Taipei after being hit. It is a huge, often overlooked and ignored aspect of … More The Driving Standards In Taiwan Need To Improve

Taiwanese Beauty And Fashion Youtubers

For those who are curious or would like to discover some Taiwanese beauty and fashion youtubers, I’ve researched and compiled a list of several bloggers from Taiwan. Many of them share their views on beauty and skincare products, review the latest products, give snippets of their daily lives, shoot fashion look books, travel videos, styling, … More Taiwanese Beauty And Fashion Youtubers

The Curiosity Of Asking Someone’s Ethnicity

One of the questions I get asked frequently from strangers or meeting someone new is Where are you from? What’s your background? Where are your parents from? or What’s your ethnicity? It’s understandable, because it’s tricky to tell what my ethnicity is, especially when no one has ever guessed Taiwanese. I commonly hear Malaysian, Thailand and Japanese. It’s natural to feel … More The Curiosity Of Asking Someone’s Ethnicity