Celebrating Magical Zines At Auckland Zinefest

It's strange to think that my sister and I made dozens of these zines when we were younger, without realising it. As I walked in the Auckland Art Gallery at the different stands, it felt like being at a market, with all these wonderful zines of stories and beautiful art surrounding everyone. I got a … Continue reading Celebrating Magical Zines At Auckland Zinefest

Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator

Cindy is an illustrator and blogger from Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. She graduated at the art school Fontys Academy of Visual Arts, specializing in illustrative design. Her work is all handmade, where she likes to mix materials and techniques. Cindy uses a mix of acrylic paint, gouache, water colour, colour pencils, pen and … Continue reading Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator

A Rant On People Who Make Fun Of Arts Degrees

Creativity starts the moment you are born into the world. As a child, you start to create things with your hands. When I was young, I remember my parents taking my Sister and I to Ballet, Piano and Drawing lessons. That really started off my love for creativity and self expression. Over the years I … Continue reading A Rant On People Who Make Fun Of Arts Degrees

A Pocketful of Loveliness

This painting of two girls at the piano was one of the first paintings that was introduced to me as a young girl. It makes me smile, especially at the time when I was learning how to play the piano. I remember there was a Nancy Tichborne Cats book, full of watercolour paintings. She inspired … Continue reading A Pocketful of Loveliness

The Key to Paradise

A beautiful friend of mine sent me a post card with an image of the Pantheon. It's glowing light into the building and has perfectly proportioned architecture. It's incredible, that I felt like it couldn't be real.  The simple reminders in our life that there is so much beauty in this world. There was a little … Continue reading The Key to Paradise

Cherish Every Memory

Spending time wandering around places during the day, always makes me feel adventurous. Which is why long walks are simply the best. Whether you are alone or walking with someone. There is always something about taking time back, just to relax and seize the moment. These circular lights of beauty hanging out. They are like … Continue reading Cherish Every Memory