Kento Store And Exciting Giveaway! (NZ Only)

The earrings pictured below are a pair of lovely deep red Anthuriums handmade by Kaia. They are a custom design, and are so beautiful. Kaia is the creative soul behind Kento Store, and she creates earrings with pops of colours and different prints. In the Story section: KENTO was created for earring enthusiasts, colour collectors, and people … More Kento Store And Exciting Giveaway! (NZ Only)

Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator

Cindy is an illustrator and blogger from Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. She graduated at the art school Fontys Academy of Visual Arts, specializing in illustrative design. Her work is all handmade, where she likes to mix materials and techniques. Cindy uses a mix of acrylic paint, gouache, water colour, colour pencils, pen and … More Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator

The Key to Paradise

A beautiful friend of mine sent me a post card with an image of the Pantheon. It’s glowing light into the building and has perfectly proportioned architecture. It’s incredible, that I felt like it couldn’t be real.  The simple reminders in our life that there is so much beauty in this world. There was a little … More The Key to Paradise

petal me love

This is truly incredible. What a beautiful way to represent art with flower petals. I really admire the way artists can speak their heart out for us to see. Lim Zhi Wei (or Limzy) is a Malaysian artist who studied fine arts at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore (NAFA) in 2011, majoring in Western Painting. … More petal me love


A beautiful short film by Carlos Lascano The simple beauty of life. Imagination can take you beyond the horizon. Art is a universal language that anyone can understand. Our actions speak louder to people than our words ever will. Our self projects so much energy of how we feel and others can truly feel that when … More LILA

animal mayhem

The beauty of repetition, in a madness of crowded rabbits, swans, cats and birds. / Johanna Burai / / Caitlin Shearer

White Rabbit Gallery

After walking past the White Rabbit Gallery on numerous occasions, I finally gathered my footsteps towards the entrance. The Gallery opened in 2009 to present some of the most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art made in the 21st Century. The Gallery is owned by Judith Neilson, who was inspired by the culture and art and was … More White Rabbit Gallery

Little Joys In Life

It’s so often that we allow negative thoughts to consume our mind. It is also so often that we focus on the things that we don’t have, rather than seeing and appreciating the things we do have. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, as they are literally the seed of our actions. What you think, you become. … More Little Joys In Life

Cats in Clothes

Heather Mattoon has extraordinary creativity and a beautiful imagination in creating wonderful clothes for cats to wear. Her art work makes you feel a tingly sensation of happiness and joy when you look at the paintings. Mattoon gives each cat a name and a description of their personality, creatively bringing them to life. Henry is … More Cats in Clothes

Stephanie Surtida | Fashion Illustrator

 Once I discovered Stephanie on instagram, I have always been endlessly inspired by her beautiful and unique vision and creative creations of fashion and art. Stephanie studied at the Fashion Institute of  Designing and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, where she graduated in 2008. From the year she graduated, she has been a trend forecaster, after realising … More Stephanie Surtida | Fashion Illustrator

Animal Humans

I did a similar post a while ago called People as animals. Animals as people.I’m very interested in how odd it is to place animals and human parts together. There is an almost a strange but pleasing feeling it gives to the twinkle of my toes, to see a person have a wolves head. I … More Animal Humans