My name is Katie, and I was born and raised in New Zealand. The most common thing that I tell people when we’re getting to know each other, goes something a long the lines of this: I left home when I was 16 and went to university to study a Bachelor of Music. When I was 18 I realised it wasn’t what I wanted as a career, and moved to Sydney for 2 years to work and study Fashion. I’m now studying Communication at Auckland uni.

Aside from my study journey that I share with people, I love music, writing, fashion, thrift shopping, skincare, reading, watching films, ethical products and traveling. I eat vegetarian, but am a little bit more flexible when I’m with friends and family. I’m an introvert, and can spend hours reading, walking, writing and doing things on my own. However, I really value close friends and having deep, meaningful conversations.

Here are some more random things and answers to the most common questions I get:

*I was born in Auckland, but my parents are from Taipei.

*I’m a Christian, and went to church since I was a baby.

*I speak Mandarin and English. I’d love to live in a Chinese speaking country someday.

*I love animals. I grew up on a farm and had two pet pigs (Shyla and Hercules).

*When I was younger I wanted to be an artist, singer or vet. I play the flute and piano.

*I’m a 90’s baby, and spent a lot of time outdoors growing up.

*Explaining why my blog is called katiepassionfruit here haha.

*I believe in the law of attraction, striving to be your best self and always learning and growing.

Feel free to get in touch with me at:


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