Fives Ways I Can Relate To Eva Green

29b874b7627f9219fe5764cb3b5fb457.jpgIt feels a little strange to write about a person you don’t know and have never met, and the only way I feel that I can relate to Eva is from her films and interviews. I adore Eva as an actress, and I admire her in being so unashamedly herself and playing such interesting roles.

Wearing a lot of Black. I have far too many black clothes, yet I never intentionally told myself I’m going to buy only black clothing. I’ve always felt most myself in black, but perhaps it’s the musician part of me that was used to wearing it a lot.

Growing up very shy. I went through stages growing up where I was painfully shy. I felt most myself, only when I was with my parents and my sister. When I had to talk to people I didn’t know well, I wouldn’t really allow people to know me too much. It would take time for me to open up.

Being soft spoken. I could never force myself to speak loudly, but I’ve just always had a softer voice. The way you speak isn’t really something we think about, and it’s usually something that people have pointed out to me.

A little strange yet secretive. I’m the sort of person who is very strange inside but I don’t tend to show it. I’m easily amused by some things. I have a lot of things I keep to myself, but I won’t say it. I get that strong feeling from Eva, because she is also quite a private person.

Deep thinker and creative. I used to overthink far too much. However, I still think quite deeply, and I always have the sensation that people don’t quite know me. That there will always be a level of misunderstanding, because it takes time for me to become close with someone. I most enjoy being creative when I’m on my own, and can spend hours alone.

Eva Green in Violet Magazine

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