How I Fell Back In Love With Auckland

890c91d77eabb8f85d95c3d63ccc70d3During 2015-16 I was living in Sydney, and even though I have traveled to Taipei each year since I was 4 years old, being away from Auckland was a huge change. I was born in New Zealand, and so having that time to be away really taught me a lot. The truth is, when I wrote My Love Hate Relationship With Auckland, I felt unmotivated when I was living in Auckland, which was a big factor in why I decided to move to Sydney in that period of time. It is well known that Auckland does tend to have a slower pace of life if we compare it with bigger cities. There were moments I felt bored and really craved being in an environment where there were always things going on.

There are times where I still feel this way, but I also feel lucky to live in a city that is growing and developing, and I appreciate it for it being a lot more relaxing and not to mention the fresh air by the seaside. Since moving back for over a year now, I find there are things to do, but you just need to find them. If you want an active lifestyle, try new things, discover places and look for new experiences. The title may be misleading because it might imply that I didn’t like Auckland before, but I think it’s more the feeling that in the past I didn’t have any particular feelings towards living in Auckland. However, I feel that it will always be my home no matter where I might be in the world.

I appreciate the rise of ethical fashion brands in Auckland and the amount of recycled and second hand clothing stores. I love that the fashion scene has changed since the last few years, and there are far more people embracing their personal style. I love that! What I realise is that to enjoy a place, it often comes from your own mindset, perspective, the people you surround yourself with and how you fill your days. Living in Auckland, I only need a few close friends and I feel satisfied. I remember talking to my dear longtime friend, and we both said how we need to stay productive. We appreciate having time alone, but we also like to have an active lifestyle.

I think New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world to have a balanced lifestyle. You can work hard and play hard. Every city has its pros and cons, such as expense of food, living, how much you earn, making friends, education, activities and so on. Who knows, maybe in the future I may want to move to a different city, but I find Auckland is the sort of place that is welcoming to come home to no matter how long you’re away. New Zealand does tend to have a slower pace of life, relaxed nature and most people are pretty friendly. Auckland is a large city, and even if you go up north or down south, there’s lots to discover. Beautiful beaches, country side, farmers markets and the list goes on.

If you ever visit Auckland, you should definitely visit the inner city, but make sure to go visit other places outside of the central area as well.

If you live in Auckland or have visited, what do you feel are some of the pros and cons?

Photography of Nana Komatsu

7 thoughts on “How I Fell Back In Love With Auckland

  1. Love this piece! Yes I know that feeling, looking back at Auckland when you love overseas, is well… For me…bitter sweet. As you said, Auckland is pretty chill (which is one of the things I love and miss about it), but agreed – it can get boring at times. What NZ is great for is how laid back everyone is, the ‘it’ lol be alright’ mentality is fantastic. Many other places do not have this. My Dad went back a couple years ago and he said Auckland has changed a lot in the last 10 years. So much so, that I wouldn’t recognise it l!

    1. Thank you, it must be! It really has, even when I came back from Sydney (where I lived for 2 years), I could feel the change. It’s developing a lot more, but hopefully you’ll be able to visit someday to see it :)

  2. I remember reading somewhere that some of the happiest people live in NZ. I also follow someone on snap chat who posts videos of some beautiful places there and it made me want to visit. I think I’ll have to put it down on my bucket list now!

  3. I love that! I was just talking to someone yesterday who moved to NZ with her family, and she just said “NZ really is a paradise”. Of course no place is perfect, but it really is a wonderful place to live.

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