The Fringeless Life And Thoughts On Acne

tumblr_oasnt5uy5j1rsyaepo1_1280If you asked me “So, how’s life without a fringe?” I would reply “Oh it’s really quite great, thank you.” The photo below was when I dyed my hair for the first (and last) time, and I realised it wasn’t for me soon after I started missing my natural black hair. Growing up, I had a somewhat fringeful life. I started to have acne quite frequently on my forehead, although it may of also been the teenage phase, where acne seems to thrive the most. If you have hair that is more on the oily side, then you’ll know the feeling of when you have a fringe, and how that can increase the likelihood of breakouts.

It seems strange to dedicate half a post about fringes, but well, it’s one of those days. Similar to when I had to share my experience of getting a soggy waffle cone on a hot summers day, and it was one of those days. Fringes make me think of Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel or 小丸子. When I had a fringe, there was a cycle where I didn’t mind too much if I had acne on my forehead, because I thought, well, no one can see them. However, it’s similar to when we have acne on our face and cover it with foundation, but then we might not give it time to fully heal or allow it to breathe fresh air.

If you do have quite oily hair, it’s good to keep your hair and the skin on your face  separate. From my experience, I found that after I embraced a fringeless life, my acne on my forehead region has improved immensely. I’m still not used to saying last year, but last year I went to a dermatologist and they said that I should start a skin treatment which would cost over one grand. In my mind, I was thinking no siree, and I decided to go about my way to improve it on my own. However, if you have serious acne it’s always an option, but I wanted to find a way that would save time and money.

I recently read an article called What If Acne Wasn’t a Flaw?, and it shares beautiful messages from different individuals. My relationship with acne used to always be on and off. It knows when I feel stress, and will pop out to say hello, and when I’m feeling calm in my life, it’ll bid me farewell. I feel that stress is one of the biggest factors of acne. In the article, one of the woman (who is also named Katie) says “I don’t feel like I need to hide my acne. And that feels like a good place to be.” I love that sentence, because whether we do or whether we don’t have acne, we shouldn’t feel like we have to always cover our face, especially since it’s our very own natural and beautiful face.

What are your thoughts on acne (or fringes)?

Photo from Death by Elocution

2 thoughts on “The Fringeless Life And Thoughts On Acne

  1. Wow the ladies were speaking to my soul. That was a great article to share, I am happy to have read it now and feel a little better. I also loved your words as well. Even my grandma will get the occasional zit. It seems like it is a human thing. Not a teen phase (though for some it is). I had the occasional pimple as a teen, but ever since being in my 20s deep hormonal under the skin acne has appeared and thankful after a year now starting to become less frequent, but it is hard to be confident somedays. I agree it should be more excepted. Flaws in general should be overlooked.

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