Cats In Fashion And Some Wandering Thoughts

26196918_554340851586867_1746165059_nI’ve been reading a book called Man Repeller, by Leandra Medine, and I simply love her quirky humour, honest voice and relatable tone of writing. Reading her words makes you feel like she’s sitting beside you with a cup of coffee in one hand, and talking to you like you’ve been friends for as long as you can remember. It’s strange saying that since I’ve never met her in my life (laughs in head). I love hearing how fashion bloggers started their blog, and often the ones that have been here since the beginning, started from the love of styling and clothing, an inspiration from a family member or an interest in in fashion, art, history, film, design and music.

It’s the end of the year, and how strange yet wonderful. I’ve learned a lot of lessons this year, as we seem to do everyday no matter what year it is. I feel more sure in who I am, as well as who I like to surround myself with and the people I truly value in my life. I started a Instagram called @caturdayfashion, to share some fellow cats in fashion, film and art. If you have a favourite editorial that happens to feature some felines, please do let me know as I’d love to share it on there. It seems making that page enables me to feel some fondness towards my non existent pet cat, and makes me feel a bit patient until I have one someday.

I read a book called The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements, and it was one of those books that I finished in two days. Everything needs to be there for good reason. Your role as an editor is to inspire and inform, not merely collate (14). It applies to nearly everything, in the sense that what we do needs to have a purpose, not merely just for display. Often fashion is seen as being superficial and frivolous, however, as Clements says These women knew what they were talking about. They had intrinsic good taste but they also possessed cultural references. They knew the history of a designer, and why a particular show was a standout, or a disappointment. They could articulate the reason because they had the language to do so. (13).

Fashion is connected with other aspects of the arts, from writing, music, art, film to design, literature and history. True as it is, fashion cannot survive without its visual elements. However, it is also a reflection of a culture, time, place and person. Even though this sounds a bit generalised, if we see Victorian clothing we immediately think of England during the Victorian era. I love watching films where the character and the clothing are so well matched. It makes me think of Cate Blanchett, and how much she embodies her character in her costume, but also her theatricality in her style.

The last message I’d love to leave for 2017 is the power of positivity, embracing who you are and the law of attraction. I really hope it’s something that we can all live by, and that we can all strive to attract what we truly want. Believe and know that you deserve the best possible life for yourself. Build yourself up, motivate yourself, and be inspired by those around you. Be inspired by people, nature, art, music, sounds, food, books and whatever it is that makes you feel a sense of peace and brings a smile to your face.

edit by @siduations/ I must say, Alice doesn’t look too impressed

4 thoughts on “Cats In Fashion And Some Wandering Thoughts

  1. Wonderful post. I love what you say about fashion, how it is interconnected to many disciplines. Great photo of Chloe Sevigny rocking some awesome transparent sandals. I would wear those if they made some for men. Lastly, we can all hope for more positive good vibes in the new year.

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