The To Do List We Should Tick Off Everyday

3e85dca8c78e1e6a47861448f33ce7ebIt was Boxing day yesterday, and as I walked in Albany shopping mall there was an ocean wave of people inside. There were big sale signs everywhere from 30, 50 to 70% off. It really confirmed my thoughts on how sales tend to cause us to over buy and perhaps too often it can make us buy more of things we don’t really need. As the year is nearly at the end of its final chapter, it makes me think about how important it is to not think of life in years. This makes us focus on living and breathing this moment right here, right now. It reminds us that new years resolution don’t need to start in the new year, but it can start right now. Self improvement, goals and dreams start here.

Live in the present. We lose enjoyment of so many seconds, hours and days of our lives when we spend it worrying about the future or pondering too much on the past. The moments we feel true happiness and peace is when we soak in the present.

Drink water. Water keeps us hydrated and is truly God’s gift, plus many of us are so blessed to have water come straight out of a tap. I used to get bad headaches, feel tired and feel unable to focus when I didn’t drink enough water.

Enjoy the quiet moments. In a noisy world, online and offline, it’s important to have moments of peace during the day. Slow down and enjoy being in your own company. We can live with more satisfaction in our lives, when we’re content with being alone.

Practice Gratitude. Before I go to sleep, I like to lie down and count all the things that I’m grateful for during the day. It may of been the person that smiled at me, the beautiful blue sky, my family, a delicious meal or a book I read.

Stop comparing yourself. When we compare ourselves, it can often be in a way that doesn’t benefit our own self growth, as it places the focus off of ourselves and onto another person. The beauty of life is that there is no one that is perfect in this world.

Learning to let go. This made me think of when I had people that were mean or unkind to me during the year. Most of the time these were strangers or people I didn’t know well, and so learning to not sweat the small things makes the days more brighter.

Talk to loved ones. Catch up with someone, message your friends, talk to your family and surround yourself with positive people. Most of all, put high value on relationships that really give your life more meaning.

… and then some things we should tick off in life:

Let go of fake friends. We’ve all had past friends that gossip or judge you from behind your back. Those aren’t true friends, and they don’t give your life any value. The best thing is to let them go, wish them the best and surround yourself with true friends.

Stop feeling jealousy and judgment. I remember I used to feel jealousy for a person because I felt that they were better than me. The way I was thinking was wrong. There is no one better or less than us. Live by treating everyone as an equal.

Living with a positive mindset. Strive to be a positive person who deserves to live a beautiful and colourful live. Everyone deserves this. Forgive yourself and forgive others for mistakes, and don’t hold onto things that weigh your shoulders down.

Take care of your health. Health is our number one priority, because without it we could not be breathing, walking, sleeping and eating well. Your mental health and physical health are all connected. Your mind, body and soul are all intertwined.

Be willing to change. Change what you can, accept what you can’t. If someone is unkind to you, you can choose how to react. We make choices everyday. Be willing to change in a way that makes you better than you were yesterday. Nobody is perfect.

Care about what truly matters. At the end of the day, you’re lying on your deathbed, what really mattered are your family, friends and the beautiful moments in your life. The things that matter are the ones that touched your heart, that no material can give.

Cherish your loved ones. No one knows when the end is. Always appreciate and be grateful for the wonderful people in your life. Bless your family and friends with the best and wish them happiness in everything they do. Live selflessly and always love others.

Do more of what makes us happy. I once heard someone say “That’s not a reality for me though” when I said you deserve the best person for you. She said she’d felt the person she was with had to do, even though she wasn’t truly happy. Don’t waste years of your life not living the life you deserve.

Be more of you. Embrace yourself completely. Be yourself wholeheartedly. If there is only you who is like you then why would you want to be anyone else? Don’t live how others want you to, live how you want to. It’s easy to see what someone looks like, but to discover one’s heart is a precious thing.

Photography by Joseph McKeown of Audrey Hepburn, 1951.

4 thoughts on “The To Do List We Should Tick Off Everyday

  1. Love your point at the beginning about how sales make us overbuy. I was in the city in Melbourne yesterday and saw the sale signs all up, and so waves and waves of people. Very hard to move around. I didn’t end up buying anything, just groceries that I needed. There is more to life than just buying and getting this and that, and agree with all of your points here. Being and living in the present, we learn to appreciate what we have, and remember to make the little things count :)

    1. Thank you for your comment Mabel. Very true, it’s the consumer culture that tells us that buying things will make us happy which simply isn’t true. It sort of reflects the instant gratification in tech and consumption. Yes, exactly!

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