The Tales Of Being A Ballet Flats Person

b5f13322a839134b5e592e632be4efcaAre you more of a ballet flats person or heels person? When I think of who the queen of ballet flats, it has to be Alexa Chung herself. I love wearing thick heels sometimes, but if you asked me when I was in my teens I would of instantly said ballet flats. I remember a memory of when I used to work at a fashion college, and I was one of the only people that wore ballet flats, as most of my coworkers wore heels. I suppose now it’s nice to wear heels sometimes, and it makes me more aware of how I’m walking. It can really give some oomph to an outfit and give it a bit of edge. Ballet flats are comfortable to wear, stylish and minimal.

However, if you’re going to be walking a lot then ballet flats will always be your best friend. It’s good to find flats that have a little heel, so that it doesn’t feel too flat and sore for your feet. Shoes should be comfortable, and finding a pair of heeled shoes that are comfortable to walk in for more than an hour is quite wonderful for those long walks in the city. What I like about ballet flats is the simplicity of them. You can slip them right off, take them off. They come in endless amount of styles, and are very feminine and lovely.

Unfortunately I’ve had to farewell dozens of ballet flats, because even the pricier ones get worn out if you wear them nearly everyday. Most of them were classic black ones, sometimes with a bow. There were others like the one with leopard prints, a coffee brown pair and my favourite which were a bright red pair that had the same colour of Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz. I was in Tatty’s this week for a browse, and there were once again another pair of Gucci loafers for $80. They looked brand new.

The times your ballet flats will cry though is when you walk in the rain, because socks and stockings don’t go well with ballet flats during the rainy season. It soaks up the water from accidentally stepping in puddles or because your umbrella can’t stop your shoes from getting wet. They can also get quite hot during certain Summer days, where your feet may feel over insulated. However, I find they are perfect on a sunny, breezy and cool kind of day. They’re also great for when you have been wearing heels, and switching to flats is like taking your bra off at the end of the day.

What sort of shoes do you prefer wearing? 

Photo from @pudgethecat

4 thoughts on “The Tales Of Being A Ballet Flats Person

  1. I used to wear heels a lot when I was still working full time. Now as a SAHM, I love wearing low-heeled or flat shoes. I own Repetto ballet flats, Gucci loafers (that I scored for $70 in Poshmark), Tretorn sneakers, Chloe, and Frye for leather boots . I’m currently loving my pair of pointy black suede flats AGL, or Attilio Giusti Leombruni, which I’ve been taking along in my travels. I prefer shoes with genuine leather for upper and inner soles because they’re “breathable” and lasts longer.

    1. Thank you. They truly are more comfortable. I’ll share my collection in a future post. I don’t own much since I already sold/donated most of them.

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