May Monthly Wrap Up: Events, Life And Cats


This month has been wonderful, even when the wind was wild and the nights were chilly. The start of the month was the launch of Chinese Eye Magazine, and it was an amazing event. I went with my lovely friend Sabina. The goodie bag had a rose inside each one that it almost felt like Valentine’s day. There were delicious dumplings cooked by House of Dumplings and stylish decor from Matisse.


Miss FQ had an event to celebrate the launch of Juicy Couture’s new Viva La Juicy Sucré Fragrance. The scent is quite sweet and reminds me of lollies and cupcakes. The gift bags included one bottle of the new fragrance and an edition of Miss FQ. There was a dessert ATM where cupcakes came out. They were so delicious and sweet – perfect for a sweet tooth!

The Cat Lounge is the first cat cafe in New Zealand and my second cat cafe experience. The black cat had an instant fondness for Mr Penguin, and some were sleeping peacefully while others were wondering around. There’s something mysterious about cats, but they do love to lie in the patches where the sun warms up the ground. There was a beautiful large Maine Coon and a sleek grey and white cat, otherwise they were all little darlings.

May meant turning 21 and reflecting on how much I’ve grown as a person, and how much there’s still to learn. It meant saying goodbye to long distance and embracing the beautiful journey ahead. Uni has been great this year, and the beautiful view from work makes Winter look like Spring. Sometimes the little Sparrows will visit and sit on a branch. Lunch breaks were filled with reading Eye magazine, and early mornings meant listening to music to wake me up.

Cherish each moment, be grateful for everything and enjoy the memories.

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