To Do List & Words Of Love When You Feel Blue

2111f9c04edfc74488c7453e76693e9c.jpgThere are periods of time where I feel sad or down, and I’m sure many people may feel that way, especially if you have been through depression or have anxiety. The unkind thoughts come slowly creeping in, and before you know it you feel a grey cloud above your head. I find that a few of the ways to feel calm and peaceful is to distract oneself, do something you enjoy and be kind to yourself. Sometimes it’s nice to go outside and just breathe the fresh air for a moment or take a warm shower and lie in bed with the warm sheets with your eyes closed for a little while.

To do list:

  • Eat a meal that makes your taste buds satisfied
  • Go for a long stroll surrounded by nature or people watch in the city
  • Walk into a bookstore and browse the shelves
  • Watch a movie that makes you smile and feel warm
  • Listen to Jazz or whatever makes your toes move
  • Drink a hot chocolate to fill yourself with a little sweetness
  • Pray to God (or meditate in peace)
  • Write your thoughts down to let them out
  • Talk to a loved one about anything and everything
  • Remind yourself of all the wonderful things about yourself
  • Pat a cat (or dog) if you can, right under the chin where they like it

My dad has always been really helpful. He taught me that talent is a bonus, but persistence is what wins out. – Zosia Mamet

If I feel truly down, I don’t like to start saying unkind things to myself, and I find that thinking about the things you are grateful for in your life reminds you of how much you have. It reminds you to have self-love and the importance of positivity because it gives hope and drive. Those are aspects that make us more persistent and want to wake up in the early morning to start the day with an embrace and learn, experience and achieve. I find even if I try to muster the smallest smile, or look up at the clouds, it makes me feel a little lighter on the shoulder.

-No matter how hard this moment feels, it will pass. If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, then it’s not worth spending the time to worry about it. Nothing lasts forever unless we allow it to.

-Our lives cannot be defined by things that don’t give us true happiness. True happiness is the kind that we appreciate from a baby to the day we breathe the last few days of our life.

-Everyone is going through a journey, filled with pages of their own book. Nobody is perfect, and what may feel like the end of the world, never is when we wake up in the morning to a new day.

-We are all capable of change, and it can only come down to our own decision whether we want to improve or change something. Everyone is capable of being kind, and when you’re kind it fills your heart with warmth.

-You my friend are a beautiful soul, and if you’re having a bad day, I hope it pasts in a day or two so that by day three you’ll be smiling as happy as the last day you had a laughing fit.

The beautiful Audrey Tautou photographed by Dominique Issermann (I hope her smile makes you smile!)

9 thoughts on “To Do List & Words Of Love When You Feel Blue

    1. Thank you Tere :) Ah, it’s been raining here as well! Hope you’re keeping dry. There’s something about those grey days isn’t there. Although it’s nice to see different coloured umbrellas in the city!

  1. So true that we have those days when we are down, sometimes maybe it’s just a phase or maybe something like depression. Either way, doing something, even something small, can make us feel better. Agree with you that reminding ourselves of the wonderful things that is us, and always around us. I find that when I am down, when I focus on other things, I tend to feel better – there is something to work towards to, like working towards a better version of ourself and making a difference in the world around us too.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Mabel. I always feel those down days make me remind myself that everyone goes through them too. That’s very true, and what we focus on is so important, as you said, when you focus on other things you tend to feel better. I find it also distracts us from being too preoccupied with our own life. I can relate to when you say working towards something, it always brings a sense of motivation :)

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