25 Reasons Many INFJ’s Are Daydreamers

2deef05645ed4f126a504c8f2211b6f7.jpgThere is a certain comfort in daydreaming that many INFJ’s feel. It can be a wonderful way for INFJ’s to reconnect with themselves, analyse a situation, relax, explore their creativity, be imaginative or have high productivity depending on what they’re doing. You may have been asked if you’re okay or what you’re thinking about. You may be seen as someone that is thoughtful, imaginative or introspective. Perhaps you sometimes feel as if you are momentarily flying away from the present, as your thoughts wonder somewhere else. It can be a healthy way to stay in touch with yourself, rather than losing yourself in the rush of everyday life.

1. INFJ’s are deep thinkers and daydreaming allows us to process those thoughts. Some INFJ’s may resonate with the feeling of thinking and feeling precisely what you want to express, but having the difficulty of actually speaking it out in an articulate manner. Interestingly enough that is why many of us write, as it allows us to express ourselves in more clarity.

2. We’re listening intently and processing the words that we’d like to speak. Many INFJ’s tend to think before we speak. Sometime’s too much so. Most of the time we want to listen carefully to the person, and be able to respond with the words that ring true to how we feel about the situation.

3. Daydreaming is a creative outlet in itself that we crave. We crave self expression, imagination and creativity. Daydreaming is a space where your thoughts are boundless and ongoing. It allows one to touch base with their inner self and express their own creativity.

4. It’s a way of passing time in moments of waiting. If you’re sitting at the train station, standing to wait for the bus or waiting for your order to come, day dreaming can be a fast way to allow time to pass. As someone who prefers not to use my phone, daydreaming allows me to observe and lose sense of time.

5. We are highly observant and tend to people watch. Have you ever sat at an airport and felt intrigued by the way people move, talk and interact with one another? Anywhere from sitting at a cafe, library, park or a trip to the supermarket can often make us aware of our surroundings.

6. A form of escapism from hurt or situations of discomfort. This could apply to anyone, but if you are in a situation of huge discomfort, have been bullied in the past or something triggers feelings of a bad memory, daydreaming tends to be a medicine of escaping those feelings and distracting the mind.

7. If we’re really not interested in something, it helps us stay sane. This is more from thinking back to high school. When I sat in maths class, I always felt like I was going a little insane in my head, because maths is something I don’t enjoy. As much as I don’t encourage this, daydreaming during those times really helped me to relax.

8. We are dreamers at heart. When there is something we want to strive for, it can come with strong feelings of determination or a strong feeling of wanting. Perhaps you may be an INFJ that is a list maker or someone who likes to set goals in order to stay motivated and move forward.

9. INFJ’s are extremely private. We don’t tend to reveal a lot about our personal lives, but we’re very good at listening to others about their personal life. As we keep so many things to ourselves, daydreaming in thought allows us to explore many of our thoughts in our world.

10. We feel so much, yet reveal very little. Similar to No. 9, an INFJ can be happy or sad, but when they feel extreme emotions such as anger, they don’t tend to want to show it in public or to those they don’t know well.

11. Having a strong caring nature. INFJ’s are definitely ones that care deeply about certain matters. They imagine making the world a better place or doing something that can make a difference in the world. There are certain things in reality that they question or wonder what the purpose of it is.

12. INFJ’s can be harsh on their expectations of themselves. Many of us are highly organised individuals. When we don’t reach a goal, we can be extremely harsh on ourselves. Daydreaming can help us to recollect our thoughts.

13. Coping mechanism when under extreme stress. Daydreaming can be meditative and calming. It can also bring your mind into perspective. I find when I daydream it helps me realise what I should be grateful for.

14. Many of our thoughts are never said aloud. We don’t tend to gossip or talk badly about others. Many INFJ’s may often  be told they are nice. The reality is that we keep many thoughts to ourselves. We don’t feel any benefit from speaking unkindly about others, and leave those thoughts to ourselves.

15. Daydreaming is the ultimate key for artists. Writers, artists, poets, dancers, musicians… They all need daydreaming in order to come with ideas that give meaning and creativity to their work. Daydreaming ties in with imagination and ideas.

16. Some INFJ’s may of grew up with an imaginary friend. Children see things that we don’t. They are also highly imaginative and play make believe. I remember when I was younger, I liked to imagine I had an imaginary friend.

17. Enjoyment of galleries, museums and libraries. There is something about the quiet spaces that allow one to lose themselves in deep thought. Staring at a painting, reading a fictional book and losing all sense of time, while being lost in the art. Daydreaming helps us to understand it better.

18. A way of dealing with complex thoughts. A never ending trail of deep thought can be exhausting at times. If you’ve ever laid in bed with thoughts running around, unable to fall asleep, then you may of found daydreaming helped you to fall asleep.

19. We question many things about life. As mentioned in No. 11 INFJ’s care deeply and question many things in the world that they don’t understand. They may have strong beliefs about certain topics.

20. Many of us can feel like an outsider. This can be due to our need to daydream and take more time to process our thoughts. It’s also due to our nature of being more private and not exposing our personality as openly on a first impression.

21. It’s a way of keeping in touch with our true self. Daydreaming reminds oneself of what they believe in, what they love and their passions. It’s a moment to not be touched by others opinions or judgment.

22. Enjoyment in reading a book or watching a film. For book, art or film lovers, daydreaming can make it feel more real. It brings the story to life. As with anyone who reads a book, daydreaming can make one feel in that world in that moment.

23. It helps us recharge when in solitude. I tend to spend more time in my own mind than speaking to others. When I do have period of moments where I am constantly talking, I need those moments to recharge.

24. We are natural idealists. Many of us are simply dreamers. We are often perfectionists, and there is a line where we are very ambitious yet we may not always know how to reach a certain goal. Daydreaming tends to be a way for one to encourage those feelings. If we’re passionate for something, we give it our all. But if we’re not passionate about something, it can make us lose motivation.

25. INFJ’s are highly imaginative. You may of grew up writing short stories, poems, drawing, painting, playing music or doing something creative and expressive. Daydreaming gives you a purpose in life and a sense of meaning. It’s easy to burnout or be overstimulated by certain situations, and daydreaming can be the ultimate way to reconnect.

“No one is ever who they purport to be. And I suppose I’m most interested in the gap between who we project socially and who we really are.”

– Cate Blanchett from “This much I know” (The Guardian)

7 thoughts on “25 Reasons Many INFJ’s Are Daydreamers

  1. I day dreamed a lot as a child. As an adult, I still have this tendancy but my adult self interprets this activity as being “unfocused” or a “waste of time” because I wish I were more productive. I also find #17 amusing because we have a family membership that gives us free entry or discounts to participating museums and art gallergies in our area. In fact the New York State museum is one of my favorite things to do, especially on a rainy day.

    1. Ah yes, I can relate to daydreaming a lot as a child. That’s wonderful that you have free entry to different museums and galleries! I am assuming you are from New York, I will have to visit there some day!

  2. I can easily identify with this post. Daydreaming has largely been part of my ‘second’ life, the main reason as to why I love reading and losing myself in my thoughts.
    I realized that my daydreams became mind-wanderings whenever I felt distracted, which is not good for me when I need to concentrate. I took up meditation this year, and it has helped me direct my daydreams towards my creativity when I need it, and help me concentrate in other moments.
    In short, daydreams are sources of fun, creativity and imagination – but I’m more cautious about how much/when I daydream now.
    BTW, your blog posts should be regularly featured on Introvert, Dear! The way you structure your posts are perfect for that blog, lol.

    1. I’m glad you can find a space to find concentration, I suppose with all things they are better in moderation! Sometimes I think that may be one reason why many people read and write, because I find when I write, there’s this level of concentration that suddenly switches on! Thank you so much, I wrote for them several weeks ago on the benefits of spending time alone :) I really enjoyed reading your blog posts recently x

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