Do You Consider “You Are Cute” As A Compliment?

cf97c972ebefcef12cc77e74b5336474.jpgIf you were the one growing up who was always called cute, even up until now as a 20 year old, you may relate to some of these points. In many places I worked, lived, went to school and talked to people, I have been told many times that I am a cute person. 90% of the time, when someone gives me the compliment “You are so cute,” they mean well. I smile and I say thank you! I am used to it now, and assume it may be from my personality, clothing and mannerisms. At a young age I fell in love with Hello Kitty, Disney, Stationary, Asian Fashion and Studio Ghibli.

As a soft spoken person who is in her own world a lot of the time, I feel that many people connect cute with looking innocent. I also feel Cute is the sort of compliment that touches on your personality and the way you look. It is very common in Asia for girls to go for a cute fashion style. In the past I’ve been compared to a bunny rabbit, kitten and various other little creatures. However, after the many times it happens, it can get tiring and demeaning. It starts to become patronising. That’s when cute is no longer a compliment. A scenario is the way us girls love to compliment each other. You can always sense when a compliment is not genuine, especially when someone says”Aww.. Cute!” down on you.

As an adult, it can be patronising in the sense that the person saying it to you, can make it feel like they think they are better than you. It can make you feel as if you are being treated like a child. I think perhaps many petite girls may relate to being called cute, because of a smaller stature. Being called cute can often make one feel they cannot be taken seriously. It brings you down a certain level. It becomes condescending in those moments, when the person treats you like a small person. Other times it can be from having a youthful appearance. I don’t mind seeming more child-like by looking younger than I am, but I do mind being treated childishly. I have as many experiences as the person next to me, and I know that often being cute is based on appearances.

When being called is a compliment, you can usually feel that the person is leaning towards the way you move, speak, the clothing you wear or the way you smile. It is usually connected with the word nice. Other times it’s when we’re telling our friends they look cute or they said something funny. The thing with compliments like “You are cute”, is that it can range from being a genuine well meant compliment or a condescending sentence. It just depends on how it is said. Personally, I always use cute as a well meant compliment. If something is cute in my eyes, it is sweet, charming and lovely.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Consider “You Are Cute” As A Compliment?

  1. I am well past the kid and teenager cute age, and don’t mind being called cute today. But agree with you – I don’t like it when people use it in a patronizing manner, that being cute you are innocent and naive. I try not to let that bother me as that is the way they think, and if they think that way I’d much rather spend my time elsewhere.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I suppose it is the rare moments when it is patronising that can make one want to avoid interacting with the person. I feel that no matter what, we are often most clear on who we are as a person.

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