The Life Of A Part Time Glasses Wearer

anita-101-dalmatians-1If you wear glasses, but not very often, you may understand some of these moments and feelings of being a part time glasses wearer. There are moments where I have an imaginary question mark above my head, wondering what it would be like if I had perfect vision, and another part of me wonders if I would miss the absence of glasses. A little background is that I got glasses when I was a teenager. At the time, I was starting to mix the division sign with the addition sign in mathematics class, and I knew I would need to get my eyes checked. At the time I was in denial as maths was my weaker subject (regardless of eyesight), but I finally had to accept it.

When one begins to wear glasses, it makes you realise how precious our dear eyeballs are. They are the wonderful things that allow us to see the colourful world around us. It makes me grateful to have them, yet another part of me is even more aware in making sure my eyesight doesn’t get worse. Needing glasses may be the cause of several reasons: genetics, environment, bad lighting, staying indoors, city life, staring at a screen or studying long hours. I grew up in the country side, where I spent a lot of time outdoors. However, a lot of people in my family wear glasses too, and I may of read books and practiced music in bad lighting a bit too often growing up.

As a part time glasses wearer, you may not have the same struggle when losing your glasses because you can still see without them. Most days you will be putting them on and off throughout the day, whether you’re about to read a book, watch a movie or go out shopping. You may still not be used to the fogging up of glasses when drinking a hot tea, but feel they are much appreciated out on windy days by defending your eyes from small particles. There is something about wearing glasses that transforms your face. The way they frame them and make you appear a certain way, compared to when you don’t wear them. Embrace your low prescription and be cautious to take care of your eyes. In a technology growing society, more and more people are starting to need glasses.

Each person will experience different levels of blurriness depending on their prescription. If you are at the awkward stage where things close up are clear without your glasses, but there is a certain distance where you need to wear them, then you will know the feeling of wishing you had magical binocular like vision. There are more and more people who wear contact lenses now, but the important thing is to remember to let your eyes breathe a few times a week. Looking after your eyes are so important, especially when they are helping you to see!

4 thoughts on “The Life Of A Part Time Glasses Wearer

  1. I suppose you can describe me as a part-time glasses wearer. I am short sighted and in the day at work or when I’m going out, I wear contact lenses. At home, it is always glasses. Mine are rectangular and are in a dark purple, and I reckon they frame my oval, heart-shaped face perfectly.

    When I am going hiking or doing some strenuous physical activity, I definitely prefer wearing contact lenses. Less risk of my knocking my glasses off my face and crushing them, and sweat usually makes them slide down my face, lol :D

    1. Thank you for sharing. Contact Lens are definitely convenient especially with physical activity, rainy days or hot days. Although, I don’t wear them everyday they are great for days when one doesn’t feel like wearing glasses. Your glasses sound great. Dark purple is a lovely colour :) My first pair were pink and from there, there were brown, black and now a red one! I can relate to the feeling. I can relate to the sweat – mine have nose pads and on hot days they can become slippery!

      1. Oh yes, nosepads on glasses! Mine used to have nosepads but they always, always kept slipping down the bridge of my nose. Switched to glasses with non-nosepads and I much prefer those :)

        I so prefer contact lenses in humid weather :)

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