A Few Things That Creative Cookies May Relate To

maxresdefault.jpgIf you’ve ever been in certain environments or had to do certain tasks that drain your creativity, you may understand the need to do something that keeps your creative juices flowing. For many creatives they have often heard the following similar words: “The arts will get you no where… how do you make money doing something creative?” and other phrases that make us feel misunderstood. We see the world in a different way, filled with colours and wonder. Anything is possible in our world and pursuing our passion is what makes our life feel a sense of purpose. Perhaps someone may want to be an artist, writer, musician, fashion designer, craft maker, interior designer, dancer, film director, illustrator, photographer, stylist and the list goes on.

1) You are open to your emotions. Creative people must have some degree of emotions in order to express themselves. I don’t think Chopin would of been able to write his nocturnes if he didn’t have those powerful emotions stirring inside of him, nor do I think Monet could of painted such beautiful paintings without feeling something magical inside. A lot of the things we create are needed through emotional experiences. When I used to perform on piano or flute, I relied heavily on emotional thoughts and experiences, in order to relate to the music. It’s nearly impossible to feel connected to your work if you do not have emotional attachment towards it.

2) You have no desire to climb the ‘corporate ladder.’ Unfortunately, I have no desire to climb any ladder but my own, and perhaps some (though not all) creative cookies can relate to this one. Most of us are looking to reach our own dreams without having a corporate title to define success. We want to  be one of a kind without having to fit in and aspire for what everyone else is competing against.

3) We are daydreamers in our own world. If you’ve ever sat on the bus and stared out the window at the leaves or walked on the streets painting a picture in front of you, you know the feeling of daydreaming. Think of when you sat in Maths class, staring off into space and suddenly thinking about adventures and scenarios. You create your own story in that space of time.

4) You are most productive at a certain time. For myself, I am most productive in the morning and just before bed time. For many musicians they may find that their practice is most effective in the morning when they are bright and alert, and for others it may be at night time. For an artist or a writer, they may feed off of the early hours of the morning to express their thoughts. These creative moments are the ones that have the most productivity and work completed.

5) We find self expression in many ways. For creative people, they need to have a way to express themselves. For example, writing is a wonderful way of expressing your experiences and emotions. Drawing, writing poetry and many other hobbies can allow us to not feel too enclosed in a cage, and set free our mind.

6) Our minds are always running with ideas and thoughts. I’m not sure if this is also because I think a lot more then I speak in general, but I find many creative people are always thinking. They are coming up with new ideas, always finding inspiration and running with thoughts.

7) The need to work in a suited environment. Whether it’s sitting at the park, painting in a studio or working at home at your desk. The need to work somewhere where you feel your creativity and focus is most peaked is very important. A writer is likely to work in an environment that does not have many distractions and is quiet.

8) We feel emotions deeply. A composer writes music that touches hearts. You feel what they feel. Musicians are often very sensitive people because they understand that our emotions connect us with other people, and allow us to have a better understanding of ourselves as individuals. If you were to have an empty mind and feel nothing, then you would always be faced with a blank page.

9)Finding joy by getting into a creative flow. When you get into the zone it’s a marvelous feeling. You feel you cannot stop and that there is a continuous flow while you work. There is a need to keep creating and get your ideas expressed before they disappear.

10) The inner child is always within you. Children have one of the most beautiful ways of seeing the world. They are always curious, imaginative, always energetic to try new things and are always exploring and asking questions. Creatives always hold that sense of curiosity and need their own authentic self to define their work. They need to be able to express themselves with originality.

11) You chase dreams not money or status. The importance to live a life filled with passion and self expression is far more important and integral for a creative soul. We don’t desire for status or how much money we earn. If we can make a good living off of what we love, that is the ultimate and most wonderful reward.

The world needs art, for without it it would be filled with black and white. Creativity fills the spaces with colour, spirit and imagination. It gives the world what we need more of – emotional connection, creativity, love of life and the ability to embrace ourselves and the people around us. I believe every person has that inner child within them that can create beautiful things. It’s only a matter of allowing yourself to do so.

shot from Song of the Sea (a beautiful film that I highly recommend watching)

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