New Zealand Fashion Week – Street Style 2016


I feel quite possibly each year, I tell myself that I have to go to NZFW at some point. Perhaps when I next move back, I will go. It’s always good to see the amazing designs of the creative and talented New Zealand designers. My favourite street styles are always the ones that stand out from the crowd. They have their own quality of style and confidence. My favourite look this year is Talisa’s Day One Outfit from Eugenie. She makes minimalism and simplicity look so chic, effortless and stylish.

that #flow

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NZFW | day one

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4 thoughts on “New Zealand Fashion Week – Street Style 2016

  1. So many looks from the trendsetters and models from New Zealand. Looks like the basic colour black and grey feature quite a bit, but worn with a splash of colour. You can never go wrong with that. I too like the minimal look, nothing over the top as a lot of the time I like to blend into the background but at the same time make an impression with those whom I get to talk too. Also, it is the kind of outfit that doesn’t take long to put together.

    1. Thank you for your comment Mabel :) For sure – black and grey seem to always be part of our closets in some way or another. Whether it’s the black knitwear or the grey sweater. I am similar, I like to wear a more simple and minimal style. I like the focus to be more on my personality, but at the same time (as you mention), I like to make an impression with those I talk to. X

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