How Would You Feel If You Had A Child Like You?

photofamily.jpgThis post is dedicated to my parents

I wish I had a more clear image of my family together, but I think this will do because it’s a happy picture. For those who do not know, my parents divorced when I was quite young. At the time I was confused as can be, as most children would be. Around 10 years later, and now several years older with slightly more experience and hopefully a sprinkle of more wisdom, I feel that I can really appreciate more of what my parents sacrificed and did for my sister and I. After leaving home a few years ago and starting the solo journey of making my own decisions and taking responsibility for myself, it really sinks in just how much our parents do for us. I’m sure if I am to start a family some day, the feeling will sink in even deeper.

When we are young, there are many things our parents tell us, which most we listen to. As you grow older into your teenage years, there are moments where you feel you want to say yes or no, and it’s not until you leave home, you realise that your parents often tell you things you don’t want to hear, because they want the best for you. They want to open the reality of situations for you and teach you how to deal with situations confidently and maturely. There are moments we need to place our focus on what someone does for us, rather than the things they haven’t done.

When I asked myself this question, I thought: I would hope that she would not be so hard on herself, that she would not spend so much time feeling stressed and worried and that she would be more confident in her own abilities. It opened my eyes to how much we often don’t remember to reflect on the parts of ourselves that need attention. It reminds me how much effort and energy parents put in especially during our teenage years. My parents always supported me  for what I wanted to achieve. Whether it was early morning sports practice, every music lesson and every creative endeavour I had – they were always there to support it.

Even after dropping out of University, I appreciate them for not being forceful, and allowing me to learn from my own decisions. Perhaps some day I may start a different course, or perhaps not. If I had a child like myself, I would want her to live life each day as positively as she can. I’d want her to deeply know from a young age that 90% of the things she will feel worried about will not happen. If you have read until here, I would love to know: How would you feel if you had a child like yourself?

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