How Do People Treat You When You Wear Makeup?

$.jpgI love makeup, like many other women and men who wake up in the morning and feel like putting makeup on. However, as someone who doesn’t wear makeup often, I have noticed some subtle ways people may treat you when you are wearing makeup compared to when you don’t. The ones close to me couldn’t treat me any less or more regardless of what I looked like. In most cases, most people will treat me completely the same. We often wear makeup for certain occasions or simply for days when we feel like it. For example, many people wear makeup for work. It’s common courtesy to wear at least a little makeup for a job interview, a wedding or a dinner party.

At the same time, makeup is an individuals choice. It can affect how we feel in our skin, enhance our natural beauty and make us feel more ‘on’ on days when we feel off. It can be for your own personal satisfaction, just as the way many people wear clothes that embrace their personal style. For some people, they may truly feel prettier and more attractive when they wear makeup and for others it’s simply a form of self expression or something they find fun to do.Other time’s it’s like putting on our clothes in the morning – it’s become a part of our routine.

4defac874c22273f2739507310d10dce.gifWe live in a culture where women are judged when they are not wearing makeup and when they do. We are judged for the way we look. It’s inescapable and something that I deeply hope could change. As for many people, grooming and taking care of oneself is part of self care and presenting oneself the way we may want to be seen. For some, makeup is a way of feeling more confident, more ready for the day or perhaps it may make one feel more in character. In our society, it’s very often that women must look put together in order to be taken seriously. This puts a huge emphasis on our appearances, which can be one of the simple reasons as to why many young girls grow up feeling aware and conscious of the way they look.

93bc98cda71703ba9ed26d6f438a0330I think the massive emphasis of body image and the media can play and twist a persons self confidence. I feel the most myself when I wear a bare or natural face, but I do not think makeup should be something that makes someone feel that they are a better person. Personally, I have never felt that I was treated significantly different when I wear makeup or if I don’t. The only time is when I get a glance from someone or if I am complimented or told that I look pretty when I wear makeup. Sometimes someone will comment “You have lovely lashes” or “Your eyeliner looks good!”. To be honest, the only time I feel I am treated better when I wear makeup is by people I don’t know. Whether it’s the counter person at the supermarket or the waitress at the cafe. I find if you do wear makeup very often, most people are probably more used to you wearing makeup than seeing your bare face. Maybe it also comes from the way makeup makes some people feel and act more confident, and therefore they attract a different way of being treated by other people.


I find it may be common that a lot of people have been told at least once, if they are tired or sick when they don’t wear makeup. When some people wear makeup, they may also receive more attention from other people. Unfortunately, we live in a superficial and shallow world . People will be judged by the way they appear. People deemed attractive will often be treated differently and sometimes better by certain people. Then again, there are the good majority of people who treat others the same. Apparently wearing makeup, can cause some people to seem more likeable or trustworthy. I’m not sure if I agree, but according to NY times: Dr. Vickery, whose Ph.D. is in chemistry, added that cosmetics “can significantly change how people see you, how smart people think you are on first impression, or how warm and approachable, and that look is completely within a woman’s control, when there are so many things you cannot control.”

Therefore, makeup can come with its pros and cons. On one hand we are in control of not wearing any or how much and how little makeup we put on, and on the other hand we will always be perceived someway for the way we appear. Makeup has a wonderful way of transforming how we may feel. In the world we live in, beauty is ranked highly and seen as a high social status. I truly wish this perception will be changed, because this way of thinking will cause us to stay on the surface, rather than delve deeper. Everyone is different, which means we should treat everyone the way we wish to be treated. Perhaps next time, compliment on how beautiful they are when they’re bare faced too.

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8 thoughts on “How Do People Treat You When You Wear Makeup?

  1. I’ve always wanted to be brave enough to go with no makeup for a while so in June I went to school with no makeup for a week. I wrote a post on it but in general, I noticed that not a single person said anything about me not having makeup on or looked at me differently. I appreciate when people address no makeup on their blogs

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sofia – I will have a read of the blog post you wrote. That’s wonderful. It’s a good example of how we should treat people the same whether they’re wearing makeup or not.

      1. I’ve just read your blog post: Great post :) As you said “It surprised me that no one said that I looked sick or tired, not once. People don’t really care if my cheekbones are highlighted, it’s about feeling good about myself, with or without makeup.” Loving the skin you’re in is so important, regardless of whether you wear makeup or not! x

  2. The reason I wear makeup is the reaction that I get if I have even a tiny discoloration. One vivid example – The hostess of a restaurant I frequent counted some (barely visible) bumps on my cheek one night. They went down the next day – it was contact dermatitis. But five years later, she was still talking about it. Almost every time I visited, she would bring it up. Every time I have a few spots someone will point at or count them. I had no idea blemishes were a topic of conversation. Wow.

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