What I Learned During A 72 Hour Computer Detox

learned.jpgThis morning I went for a walk in the rain and it always makes me have a deeper appreciation for nature when I see the trees around me and the birds singing nearby. I always prefer walking as opposed to taking the bus or train. Although, 3 days does not seem such a long time to go without a computer, I suppose when I put it into perspective – my previous jobs required computer usage for several hours per day. It was very interesting to see some small things I learned from making a little difference for a few days. When I stopped using my computer, I realised just how much we use technology daily. When I went to the gym, I would always bring my iPod. If I want to check my emails or text someone, I would use my phone.

A few things I learned:

How much we use the computer per week. It really adds up, come to think of it, those who use computers daily for work are likely to use it up to 30 hours per week or possibly even more. It made me replace the time I would use for blogging, writing and reading articles on other daily activities.

I can’t go a day without writing. Without writing in my drafts or word document, I spent the mornings writing several articles in my journal. My mind felt more relaxed because of that, and the ability to write out your personal feelings of things you wouldn’t do online, is very refreshing.

Spending more time reading physical books. Nothing can beat the touch of reading through pages of a book in your hands. I always prefer the physical touch of reading and writing, and it made me realise how much I had been reading and writing on screen.

The benefits of exercise for my anxiety. I realised how much calmer it made me feel and how less stressed I felt. It also made me feel more confident about my self image, as someone who struggles with body image.

My eyes thanked me for it. If you are a bit more prone to dry eyes, then you will know the feeling of resting your eyes from the screen. I found that I would spend more time by the window, just to look out in the distance and watch the different coloured umbrellas bobbing up and down on the street.

I used my phone more. As someone who rarely uses my phone, I found I was using it more to talk to my family. I realised how much quicker it is to check everything on your phone, because when you turn the wifi on, you instantly have all the notifications of emails, comments, texts and so on.

My worries lessened from using less technology. I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to use technology for too long. I find that I felt less hectic when I wasn’t using my computer.

How much time we waste on the internet. With the exception of talking to my loved ones, reading interesting articles and checking emails. Sometimes I wish I could get back the hours I wasted watching a bad film or mindlessly browsing the internet.

A reminder that it’s good to take breaks. You may of heard that too much of anything is not good. My routine felt much more productive and it reminded me to stay focused, even when I am on the computer writing away or reading endless blog posts and articles.

6 thoughts on “What I Learned During A 72 Hour Computer Detox

  1. I agree, we spend so much time doing nothing on the internet. From watching stupid videos on YouTube to scrolling through Vine for hours (I’m guilty of both). I wish I could get all that time back.

    1. Thank you for your comment :) I think for many of us – a few things we do on the internet is important or beneficial, whereas other things are usually to kill time. Perhaps small breaks from the internet, can remind us how to spend time differently.

  2. Very interesting post! I am on the computer over 8 hours per day, mainly for work purposes. By Friday i feel my eyes begin to hurt and headaches and tension in my head. I know it comes from straining my eyes under terrible florescent lighting all day. I often wonder how long I can keep it up. I look forward to the weekends when I limit my tech time to my phone.

    Your post has inspired me to leave all technology behind for a few days. Have a cleanse of my own.

    1. Thank you :) Ah yes – I can imagine. Especially when sitting down for several hours a day and staring at the screen. I’m sure you will find it very refreshing as I did! It’s always nice to take a break from things, as too much of anything isn’t good, but I think everything in moderation, right?

      1. Yes for sure, it is all about balance! I have been thinking about giving up social media for awhile also. Just to see how I feel. :)

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