Maturity & Wisdom Are Not Defined By An Age

wisdom.jpgWhen I was a child, I believed (as many children do) that adults are right, most of the time. We are taught to listen and respect what adults say. Even when they made up wonderful stories about the moon and the stars, our imagination takes it all in. Many of us are physically mature, which is to say we have grown into our adult bodies. But emotional maturity, is something completely different in its entirety. I remember the frustration of hearing the words “You will understand when you are older”.

I still remember a story one of my parents told me. A little boy was with his younger sister. Something had happened to his younger sister, and the little boy took her to the hospital. The adults in the hospital asked to call the boys parents. To which he replied “No, not right now. Call them after work, I don’t want them to worry”. In the end, he knew his sister would be alright, and did not want his parents to panic. There is a kind of wisdom in that, that shows just how much children can teach us.

At the age of 20, I am still confused about what I am doing in my life. Everyday I’m learning and growing, yet when we are young we are constantly told, you will understand when you are older. It’s true – with age comes experience. But, I also believe that maturity is not defined by an age. Our emotional maturity to understand the world and the people around us depends on the individual. Our ability to make good decisions and learn from past mistakes comes from our choices.

When we are an adult we make our own judgments and we take responsibility for our actions. It comes down to a matter of attitude as well as the way we treat the people around us. There are adults who feel better by what job position they have or how much money they earn. That is when the focus on what is truly important is lost. Wisdom is knowing what is truly good for your soul. One could be the most intelligent person in the world, but then they would only be able to recite facts. But a person who has wisdom, can tell you what is good for the world and will act upon it.

We can all speak words of action, but to actually do so is another thing. Wisdom is having the ability to always learn and grow. It’s never telling the world “I already know”, but telling ourselves “I’m here to listen”.

Proverbs 19:8 He who gets wisdom has love for his soul: he who keeps good sense will get what is truly good.

5 thoughts on “Maturity & Wisdom Are Not Defined By An Age

  1. Very wise words! I think for 20 years old you have a lot of things figured out that people 3 times your age completely ignore.

    Having a true soul that is wise is a blessing and a curse. There is comfort in ignorance.


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