A Few Things I Want To Change About Myself

To grow better as a person we must be open to change. Change of bad habits, change in the way we think and change of attitude. It’s true – these few years I feel that I’ve changed a lot in many different ways, which happens naturally with time and growing older. However, I feel there have been certain things that have always stuck with me a long the way. It is as if I haven’t quite plucked the bad weeds and seemed to have left them there among the flowers. In other words, it also reminds us that nobody is perfect and we all have flaws. The difference is understanding and realising the things that we can change and leaving the things we simply can’t. Similarly, it’s knowing what we can control and leaving what is out of our control.

A few things I’d like to change:

  • Differentiating emotional truth & lies/ Our feelings can sometimes lie to us when making important decisions. Feelings can have so much power when influencing a decision. But, sometimes we have to acknowledge the facts too. As a highly sensitive person, I really follow my feelings and am quite an emotional person. This can come with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Putting myself in other peoples shoes/ As someone who internalises my thoughts and thinks very deeply, it can cause me to be too inside of myself and over analyse my own life. I really have to remind myself to view things from other’s perspective.
  • Being more direct in my words/ I really don’t like conflict. If I can avoid it I would like to and many times if I don’t want to offend someone, I use my words too vague rather than being direct. However, communicating directly means not having any misunderstandings or confusion.
  • Believing in what I have/ I know we all have something that we feel is not good enough. I must remember to believe in my abilities and know that what I have now can help me be better than yesterday.
  • Not let the past creep in/ This happens if I’m feeling negative. They can be overwhelming, and some memories are ones that you want to leave in the past, and not bring it back into the present. I need to remember to let go, breathe and stay focused.
  • Don’t feed negative thoughts/ I’d like to think that I’m a person that looks towards the positive. But I do have moments where negative thoughts lurk in my mind and seem to travel along the vines, growing bigger and bigger. Negative thoughts only make you feel as if your mind is in a prison.
  • Accepting my body for what it is/ I must remember to not tell myself that I am not “insert label” enough. Being tough on our bodies is unfair because it was what we were given when we arrived in the world. I should focus on more of what I like about it, rather than what I don’t.
  • Take criticism lightly and remember valuable advice/ There is a difference between valuable and constructive criticism and harsh and unkind criticism. The important thing is to leave the harsh ones and don’t take them personally, but remember the valuable advice that is only to help me improve and change for the better.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

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5 thoughts on “A Few Things I Want To Change About Myself

  1. Yep, can relate to most of these. Funny how our heads can know one thing but when it comes to how we live, we do the opposite of what we know. A constant process.

  2. I can relate to some of these too. When we reflect on what we can improve on often, we can do a tremendous amount of growth and helps keep us in check (for being ourselves/good people).

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