A Pocketful of Loveliness

Two Young Girls at the Piano by Auguste Renoir 1892

This painting of two girls at the piano was one of the first paintings that was introduced to me as a young girl. It makes me smile, especially at the time when I was learning how to play the piano. I remember there was a Nancy Tichborne Cats book, full of watercolour paintings. She inspired me to start water colour painting, and I still remember fondly the time my old black and white cat, Summer came and laid on the paint by accident and had a wonderful blue patch on his belly for quite some time. There was a book of all the stories by Beatrix Potter, such as Peter Rabbit and Tom Kitten. It was story tellers like her that made me love animals, art and writing even more. Just a few things to discover if you’re feeling curious:

Blog: The Messy Heads

images from @themessyheads

I recently stumbled upon The Messy Heads blog. They are also a quarterly magazine  where “Each magazine focuses on a theme and explores it in depth, inviting you to dive deeper and learn more about yourself.” I love the vintage vibes and the positive articles.

Clothing: Mirador

images from @mirador_

I came across this wonderful nonna organic sweater while I was casually scrolling down the Instagram feed. I think the Gabriella Foreman film photograph printed on is so beautiful with the flowers, and I love the way it looks so comfortable (it’s 100% organic cotton).

Youtuber: simply_kenna

images from @simply_kenna

Kenna is the sweetest person, and even though I don’t know her, I can really sense that when I watch her videos. They are always radiating with creativity, positivity and a sprinkle of chocolate. Not to mention her style and Instagram feed is full of whimsical and fairy like wonder.

Instagram: @dxvghter

This one is specially for the cat lovers, tea drinkers, book readers, succulent lovers and nature wanderers. I really like Instagram feeds that show someones personality, rather than emulating a trend. This one makes me feel peaceful and makes me want to get a cat!

Earrings: Okaymontana

Creations by @okaymontana

Montana is a artist who draws about Menstruation, Sexuality, Mental health & Feminism. I like the awareness she creates and the way it can relate to many people. Not to mention her lovely creation of breast friends earrings that you can buy here.

//all images from the original creator \\

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