Winter Means Over Sized Clothes

dragonflyThere are so many naked trees outside my window, with a few leaves clinging on before they fall. I’ve been wearing my socks and surprisingly haven’t worn any holes into them yet. Although, if you ever wear stockings and find a hole that your toenail has formed, you can fix it by sewing it ten times. If you’re like me, I must say Winter is definitely the time where I will rewear an outfit many times during one week. Simply because it keeps me warm. It’s almost like the insulation for a home or a fireplace crackling, except it’s from the layers of clothing.sunshineI remember fondly last year, a friend of mine who would sit at the park with me, and she would really embrace wearing layers and oversized clothes. There’s something comforting and stylish about wearing tons of layers, and not to mention to keep our bodies warm from the wind and rain. You know it’s Winter when it comes to that time when you’re lying in bed and your feet go pass the blankets feeling icy, and you know it’s another world out there.

winterTaking showers is another story, because getting under steamy warm water seems to take all the goosebumps away, but as you hop out, your towel is wrapped around you to soak up all the water. Yesterday, I was reflecting on all the things I used to do before any of us had laptops or smart phones. It seems such a change, even though it was merely ten years ago. Life seemed more laid back, and I think it was due to the lack of instant communication and

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